Starting A Video Blog: Vimeo VS YouTube

Vimeo VS YouTubeYou have your camera set up.

The content of the video is spinning in your head.

You start recording.

The words just flow out of your mouth.


You have recorded your video.

You plugin your camera to your computer and save it on your desktop.

You decide to edit the video to make it brighter and much more pleasant to watch and now…

A question what video streaming site should you choose? 

Video Streaming Options

Well, there are a lot of services to choose from: YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu, Veoh and some other less known services. Also you can choose to upload on your own server.

The most obvious choice would be YouTube, because it’s the most popular, has the most traffic and by uploading videos there you will get the most views almost in any case.

But another very popular choice is Vimeo mostly around internet marketers. The reason is, because YouTube can sometimes be a real bitch and shutdown your channel, most likely if you are doing videos about internet marketing, MLM and other ways to make money online. So, uploading to Vimeo is a safer choice, because they don’t do stuff like that or it’s so rare that no one even talks about it.

So, Is Vimeo Better?

Still, even if you are doing videos about internet marketing and related topics you might choose YouTube, because of the traffic, but you have to know that you are at risk. I have gotten two infractions on YouTube and gotten my account penalized for a month or so. It was kinda scary, but I’m uploading videos again and so far so good.

But mainly, if you are doing videos about internet marketing I would suggest to use Vimeo, because well it is safer, you certainly wouldn’t like to wake up and see all your videos taken down. Not saying that it will definitely happen, but it might.

Quick tip: be very careful with your links in your YouTube video description’s, because if you link to a penalized site and this can be a lot of MLM replicated squeeze pages or company pages, then your video can be flagged. 3 infractions and your channel is closed.

Tap Into the Full Potential Of Your Videos

Now, you can also choose to upload your videos to all the major video streaming websites using a service like OneLoad, but you will still need to choose one service as your main one that you use to build an audience.

So, if you are creating videos about internet marketing then you might want to consider Vimeo, because it is safer and if you are creating videos about something else, then there isn’t really a reason not to choose YouTube, but be very careful with it.

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