How To Build A List With Ad SwapsAd swaps is one of the fastest ways to build your email list, but to use it you must have a small list to begin with. Usually a list of 1000-2000 subscribers that can generate from 25 to 50 clicks. Once you are at this level you can then start looking for ad swaps. To build a list like that you can either spend money and buy solo ads, do blogging and build your list like that or use traffic exchanges and safe lists.

When you have built a decent list it’s time to look for ad swap partners you can find the on Google by typing “niche” blog and then go to the blogs and look, if they are building an email list, contact them and make them an offer. Another way is to go on forums and look for business partnerships, in the niche of internet marketing the most popular forum is Warrior Forum. Also just by doing a search for “ad swap” you can find people who will be willing to do ad swaps.

The ultimate resource for ad swaps is a site called Safe-Swaps. It mostly has people who are building their lists in the internet marketing niche, but you can find some people from health and fitness and self-improvement niches, though it might be quite hard to find ad swap partners for those niches.

So, if you are building an IM list then you will have a huge choice of people. People that have lists of 500 subscribers up to 100 000 and more. On the site you can create a calendar and book people there. It’s good when you are just beginning and looking to grow your list fast, but later on when you will have a much bigger list it’s better to do less swaps, but with higher quality people and also connect with them on a more personal level.

Also, when doing ad swaps and just building a list in general make sure to have a very well converting squeeze page and also have a one time offer to make sure that you are making money while you are building your list. When you have a big list you can make money just by doing ad swaps, because you will be adding hundreds of new subscribers from an ad swap and they will be buying your one time offer.

So, put in the work to build that list and reap the rewards when you will be doing ad swaps with the big guys. A great offer to promote is Empower Network.

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6 Responses to How To Build A List With Ad Swaps

  1. Hi,

    Yeah great post lots of useful tips & tricks here.

    Building a list is no easy task especially for beginners. It’s kind of a hit and miss process at first but once you have a sales funnel in place that converts well…

    …you can then look at buying solo ads and then as explained in the article above; you can continue to build your list(s) using ad swaps.

    Knowing that you have thousands of subscribers on your lists that are keen to listen to your views, opinions and trust your recommendations is a great feeling and truly is a great model to choose.

    No need to go out trying too hard to make the hard sale because you know that you have a highly targeted list of subscribers that are always eager to buy, trust and listen to you every time you email them.

    Great post and keep up the good work my friend!

    Gavin Birchall recently posted…How One Simple Change In Focus Allows You To Earn Serious Money OnlineMy Profile

  2. Andrew says:

    Great tips in this article. The way I understand it is that this strategy is great in the IM niche, but not quite as feasible for others. Would you agree?
    Andrew recently posted…Cash Strapped: 5 Ways to Make an Online Marketing Video on a BudgetMy Profile

    • Liudas says:

      I works extremely well in IM and to make it work in self-help or weight loss niches you would need to put in a lot more work and build those relationships with people who are building lists as well which takes time, but still it works.

  3. Jens says:

    Indeed ad swaps are a fast and fre way to build your email list for free. However it requires an email list to get started, atleast that’s what people think. is an alternative to safe-swaps which has a system in place that allows everybody to stat swapping without needing an email list. It works like this:
    -> Find a swap partner
    -> Add your partners links in the software
    -> Add your rotator link in your funnel as bonuses
    -> Each click in your funnel will result in a click back from another member’s funnel.

    This way you all clicks will be delivered back to your swap partners instantly without having to have a single subscriber, plus you’re starting to build a list for free which will enable you to do regular swaps to grow your list even faster.

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