Perfection Equals Poverty

Perfection Equals Poverty I love the saying perfection equals poverty, because I find it very true. I actually have a friend to which I have to remember this truth over and over. She always says we have to keep our standards high which is actually her perfectionist talking inside her. Now, I’m not a saint as well and I sometimes get these thoughts that maybe I shouldn’t publish this, because I didn’t really did a good job, that people might think bad of me, if what I publish will suck, but I’m quick to get over it.

Now, why is perfectionism bad for you? It actually sounds so innocent, but it can be a huge enemy of yours, if you are constantly trying to perfect whatever you do then you will have trouble creating anything, because reaching perfection isn’t possible, there’s always place to make it better, you can always find something to improve and you can get stuck in a rat race trying to fix everything until it’s perfect.

It’s better to have 100 imperfect content pieces published than 1 perfect one published. The more the better, it will generate more traffic, more leads and more sales. It doesn’t matter how good is the content it can be beaten by numbers.

Also being a perfectionist is kinda stressful and when you tap into the mentality of trying to make everything better, to edit and improve you then immediately start noticing a lot of errors. For example: I usually take my videos from a single shot. I hit record, render and publish without any editing, but if I totally mess up and need to start over then I usually start going over and over trying to make the video better rather than just keep going and shoot that darn video. Also for the older videos that I did I was doing a lot of editing. When I forgot what to say I did a huge pause and then went back in and later just cut out these long pauses, but when doing that I noticed that the video is long and maybe I should cut out some parts where I talk very slowly etc. When you start looking for something to improve you will find something and probably a lot of it.

Now, I have let go of perfectionism a lot, I shoot my videos from the first time almost always and without any editing I upload them to YouTube. It’s just easier, quicker and less stressful this way. You just keep producing content and you get better at it faster and not in video editing, you can hire one when you are rich, but for now get over your perfectionism and just create content. It’s better to do something imperfectly than don’t do it at all. You wont make money, if you wont publish your content and will keep polishing it for ages. Money is attracted to speed.

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