Do You Rest Enough?

Do You Rest Enough? A good rest equals good work. Resting enough is crucial for your productivity, creativity and for your well being. When you are well rested you can achieve way more, do more and you even feel happier. Now, if you are working in a 9 to 5 job then your resting schedule isn’t very flexible, you can usually get some rest only after the whole day of work and mostly only on the weekends.

Well, this isn’t very good, people need to replenish themselves in the middle of the day by having a quick nap, it helps to improve the overall health, you will live longer and it gives energy for the rest of the day, if you are an entrepreneur and you have a flexible schedule then I highly recommend to implement this, a mid day nap has proven scientifically to have big positive benefits for your health.

Also recently I heard of an idea: Rest before you get tired. It means that whenever you start feeling a little bit tired, your mind drifting away and you feel resistance to do the work you should lay down for a bit and rest. Some famous scientists have been using a technique called power nap. It’s a short nap to revitalize yourself, you don’t get into deep sleep so, you don’t feel the tiredness that comes after sleeping for longer periods. You wake up fresh and ready to go.

I have tried it myself and it does have a powerful effect, if done correctly, but I found it hard to fall asleep fast, because you need to set up an alarm clock for 15 minutes so, you wont sleep for too long, but sometimes you can’t even fall asleep in these 15 minutes and maybe you get like a few minutes of sleep so, it takes some practice to do it right.

So, have plenty of rest it will have a tremendous impact for your business, it’s much better to take a nap when you don’t feel like working than turn on the TV.

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