More Knowledge In Less Time Philosophers Notes

More Knowledge In Less Time Philosophers NotesI stumbled upon this great product called Philosophers Notes by Brian Johnson and I wanted to promote it to my self-improvement list as an affiliate and also here on my blog, but I found out that the affiliate program wont be ready for at least a couple of months so, I decided to just promote it anyways, because the product is so good.

First off what are the Philosophers Notes. Basically it’s a short summary of a book, packaged in a 6 page PDF and a 30 minute audio, Brian Johnson takes the best ideas from the book extracts them and explains them. He has currently created 180 of these Philosophers Notes. You can get a free sample here and buy them, if you like: Click here!

I just love the whole idea and the content. He has picked the best books out there and he gives out the essence of the book. You save a lot of time, you can consume a book in 30 minutes by listening to it’s summary where it would take around 4 to 8 hours to read it and it’s also much more convenient to just listen to it when you have a free moment or by walking down the street you can listen it from your phone.

Of course you can’t give everything out in 30 minutes, it’s just not possible, but you still get a lot of knowledge from that and if you really like a book you can then grab it and read it. I would call Philosophers Note a quick shot of knowledge.

Now, if you haven’t made up your mind yet whether you should buy it or not, I would also recommend to check out his blog where he puts 10 minute videos talking about some of the big ideas from it, he has 50 free videos like that, I recommend singing up to his list and you will get 1 new video every day right into your inbox.

So, I highly recommend you to check out Philosophers Notes, you will save time reading books and you will get tons of knowledge from the best books out there every single day.

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