Why You Should Buy Solo Ads

Why You Should Buy Solo AdsBefore I get into it and talk why you should buy solo ads i want to make sure that we are on the same boat and that you know what a solo ad is. A solo ad is when you get your offer advertised on someone else email list. A solo ad isn’t just a banner in a newsletter, the whole email is promoting your offer as the main one.

Solo ad is a fixed cost advertising method you pay for a number of clicks and it’s up to you to convert them, the seller doesn’t hold responsibility whether the traffic converts on your squeeze page or not, he’s just responsible to deliver the right amount of clicks.

Targeted Traffic

So why you should buy them? Solo ad traffic is highly targeted, the people have already opted in to an email list and showed interest about a specific topic. So, you can bet that the leads that you will get will be highly interested in what you have to offer.

Cheap Traffic

Also solo ad traffic isn’t expensive, you can find some solo ad sellers that sell very cheap solo ads and you can get leads as cheap as $0,60, but the average would be $1+ which still isn’t very expensive compared to PPC advertising where you pay amounts like that per click and even more. Also, if you have a high converting funnel you can recoup the money spent on advertising right off the bat from your OTO sales, the gurus manage to break even the same day with their high converting funnels. Strive to achieve a level like that yourself.

Fast Deliverability

Another advantage of solo ad traffic is the fast deliverability. You can get thousands of clicks to your offer in a matter of hours after your offer has been mailed out. You don’t need to wait long hours for your site to be approved and then wait until the traffic is going to be delivered little by little.

Human Factor

I like solo ads, because you are interacting with other people and you can manage to get discounted prices, also sometimes the seller delivers more traffic, if you buy often you can also get discounts for that and you can also connect with them and maybe make a JV deal with them in the future, who knows.

So, if you want to build your list fast then there probably isn’t a better way that I know than solo ads.

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