Email Subject Line Test

Email Subject Line TestI wanted to share with you a test mad by Jim Yaghi where he tested how his list reacts to different subject lines, do they increase open rates or not. What he discovered was that the open rates increased only when he didn’t mail for sometime, but when he got back in the flow and started mailing daily the open rates stayed pretty consistent no matter what the subject line was.

Also, he found that after not mailing for sometime when you send an email you get a lot of unsubscribes, probably because people forget about you and aren’t interested anymore.

So, these tests explain a couple of things why the open rates for most marketers are jumping so much, basically, because they don’t mail their list consistently, when you start mailing your list daily, you will see your open rates even out and then the most important thing becomes not the subject line, but the senders name.

And the other finding explains why other marketers get so many unsubscribes, again it’s because they don’t mail their list consistently. When you mail your list daily your unsubscribe rate evens out as well.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put any thought in your subject lines, you should still test your follow up sequence emails and see which subject lines perform the best, but the thing is once you have done enough consecutive emails and you are providing great content in them then the subject line becomes almost irrelevant, because all of your emails get opened anyways.

So, if you want to have less unsubscribes and higher open rates of your emails then just mail daily to your list and after a week or so you will start seeing the real statistics of your list and by mailing daily you will definitely make more money.

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