Why You Should Track Your Website Visitors

Why You Should Track Your Website VisitorsTracking is everything in marketing, if you aren’t tracking your results you don’t know what to expect. For example, if your blog is just generating 10 visits a day and you aren’t tracking that, you might start wondering why people aren’t commenting on your blog posts, but the thing is that there isn’t enough traffic. You don’t expect to get leads, if no one is seeing your squeeze page and you don’t expect to make sales, if you don’t send enough people to the sales page.

You need to track everything and be fair with yourself and don’t expect something when aren’t even generating enough traffic and it’s not just about the traffic, these days by using services like Google Analytics you can find out everything about your audience, what country they are from, what device are they using, what operating system, where’s your traffic coming from, what’s your audience searching for and much much more.

Also, if you are using Facebook and have a fanpage with some fans then you can get even more specific info about your audience, the age, gender, hobbies etc. When you have all that info about your audience you can then even think of ways to adapt your site and your content to your audience.

By using a service called Crazy Egg or similar you can even track the movements of your visitors on your website. Crazy Egg creates a heat map which indicates the places where the mouse cursor was moving and clicking, by using this data you can indicate where are the best places to put ads, discover whether people are looking at your current ads and even more.

As the saying goes: You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So, make sure you are using tracking and put the knowledge generated into good use so, that you could improve.

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