10 Free Ways To Build Your Email List

10 Free Ways To Build Your Email ListBuilding a list is a very profitable marketing method. It helps you to follow up with your audience, make sales consistently and generate traffic on demand. Once you have built a pretty decent list you can start growing it even faster by doing ad swaps, but to do that you need to have a list of at least 1000 subscribers which takes time to build it and even more when you are new to it and don’t know how it’s done. So, I want to share with you 10 ways how you can start building your list for free.

1. Blogging

It can be a free or very cheap method of building your list, if you use your own hosting and not a free blogging platform then it will cost you around $10/month which I recommend you to have, because you would want to also host your squeeze pages somewhere.

So, with blogging you need to write articles and you will start generating traffic, the more you write the more traffic you will get and you also have to put up ads for your squeeze page  on your blog to build your list.

2.Vlogging or Video Marketing

If you don’t like writing that much and you would rather just shot videos then you can create your own channel on YouTube or other video streaming sites and put a link to your squeeze page in the descriptions of your videos and build your list like that. It might take sometime to start seeing results, but once you have a lot of videos and you start receiving traffic then there’s no stopping of it.

3. Guest Blogging

Leveraging other people blogs is a good idea, if you manage to get your blog post published on a high trafficked site then you will generate a lot of subscribers. You do that by putting a link to your squeeze page in the authors bio.

Now, you need to write high quality articles for this to work, otherwise your articles will get rejected on the bigger sites, but if you manage to get your blogs published then you will receive a lot of traffic and subscribers, I would say this is the fastest way of building your list.

4. Safelists

Safelist is basically the same as an email list, but the members of the safelist all have the ability to mail to it. You need to generate credits by viewing the ads of other people and only then you will be allowed to promote your offer. The method is time consuming and quite boring, but it’s free and you can get a lot of subscribers, if you put in the time.

To find safelists to join, just Google it and you will find a bunch of them for starters.

5. Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are similar to safelists, but they are web based. You watch other websites to get credits and then assign those credits to your site to get it seen by others. Again it’s boring and time consuming to generate those credits, but you can definitely build a list using this method.

And again to find traffic exchanges just Google them.

6. JV Giveaways

JV giveaways are collaborations of marketers where they give their free gifts (PDF’s, videos, audio etc.) to people. You can join them and include your free offer and once the giveaway is started you need to promote it. You can get a bunch of subscribers from these giveaways.

Also Google them to find some to join.

7. Facebook

Build a fanpage, build an audience and once in a while promote your squeeze page also you can put them into tabs. Now, getting likes without buying Facebook ads is hard, but it is possible. Usually you need to have a separate traffic source to build your following on Facebook. So, it’s one of the hardest methods of building a list.

8. Twitter

Build your following by tweeting a lot, following others and interacting with others. Again once in a while promote your squeeze page. It’s like on Facebook hard to build that audience, but it’s a bit easier.

9. Pinterest

Pin all kinds of images related to your niche and put the website of the image your squeeze page. If your niche doesn’t have that many images, you can write tips for your niche and make them as images.

10. Forum Marketing

Find forums in your niche that allow signatures. Put in your squeeze page link in the signature and start posting on the forum. Every time you make a post there will be a link pointing to your squeeze page.

So, there you have it 10 free ways to start building your list. Now, I would recommend to choose one from the first three and make it your main one, because other methods are more supplementary for example Twitter and Facebook and also it’s a good idea to focus your efforts.

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