Is Crazy Egg Going To Save Your Business

Is Crazy Egg Going To Save Your BusinessA few days ago I started testing a service I wanted to test a long time ago, it is called Crazy Egg. No, it has nothing to do with the game angry birds, or with food it’s actually a service for internet marketers to help improve their websites, help make more money, increase engagement and much more by providing data of your visitors that the usual tracking services like Google analytics don’t.    

Crazy Egg creates heatmaps, scrollmaps, confetti, overlay and list. The main ones that can give you the most insights how you should change your site for maximum conversions are heatmaps and scrollmaps, but I will try to explain all of these maps.



A heatmap is a map that indicates the places where are your visitors clicking when they are on your site, if there’s more people clicking one spot than the color is more intensive (see example below of a heatmap of my homepage). By analyzing a heatmap you can find out what are the places where your visitors are clicking the most and where they aren’t clicking. You can then adjust the website layout to put your most profitable ads in the places that receive the most clicks, the places that don’t receive many clicks you can change all together and test out something new. So, a heatmap can provide you with a lot of thoughts how to improve your site.



crazy egg review scrollmap testingA scrollmap indicates what percentage of people have scrolled to which part of your page. Of course the highest percentage wont scroll at all or very little and almost no one will scroll to the very bottom and that’s indicated with a color code.

So, a scrollmap helps you determine how long should your website be also how to structure it so that the ads would get seen etc. Based on my scrollmap I think that I should shorten my home page a bit.


Confetti gives you a color code and indicates where specific traffic sources clicked on, for example traffic that came from Google clicked these links, traffic from Twitter clicked these links. You can also see where traffic from specific countries clicked, traffic with different operating systems and all this crazy stuff.

It can give you a ton of info, but it’s hard to analyze it and discover some trends that would give you some valuable insights. Lots of info, but not very useful, if you gathered enough data you could probably do scientific tests about human behavior, but you should rather spend your time on more profitable areas of your business.


Overlay just gives you some clear info what links where clicked and by how many people.


The list map is just simply a list of places that where clicked and by what percentage of visitors.

Setting It All Up

Now, it was quite different from what I was expecting, I thought that you will just have to install some code and it will start tracking your whole website, but it’s a bit different, you install the code and then you can create a snapshot of your page that you want to track, there’s a limited amount of snapshots you can take based on your membership, for me it’s 10, so this means I can track 10 pages of my website. Another a bit confusing thing is that, if the page changes the snapshot doesn’t update so, it’s a bit inconvenient to track dynamic pages.

So, is Crazy Egg going to save your business? It depends, if your website isn’t generating a lot of traffic then Crazy Egg wont be very useful to you, because it takes a lot of data to discover the trends of your website. I would guesstimate that you need around 500 visits per day to your website to put Crazy Egg to good use. Now, if you just want to try it out and see, if you like it you can do so by going to and starting their 30 day free trial, which I’m using right now as well, but I will probably wont continue using Crazy Egg, because my blog doesn’t generate enough traffic yet.

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