Maximize Your Traffic From Video Marketing With OneLoad

Maximize Your Traffic From Video Marketing With OneLoad

Do you only upload your videos to YouTube?

Did you know that you can get more views by uploading it to multiple sites?

I know what you’re thinking right now, it’s not worth the hassle for several more views here and there.

I would completely agree with you if you wouldn’t use

So, what does OneLoad do?

It helps you spread your videos throughout the internet. You upload your video to OneLoad (it can’t exceed 500MB or you have to contact the admins to raise the limit).

Once you have uploaded it you fill out the title, description and tags, choose a category and you then choose the video streaming sites where you want to upload your video, it has all the major video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and you can also set it up to automatically share your video on social media sites.

Now, it does require some setting up the first time you use it, but there are instructions for every single streaming site. I found it quite strange that, if you want to upload to Vimeo you need to have a paid account, but besides that I find OneLoad a very useful service.

It helps you to easily spread your videos throughout the web and generate much more traffic than you would by uploading your video just to one site. Of course, it can also save you time, if you have been using this strategy and doing all the work manually.

OneLoad also has a premium version which allows you to control all your multiple channels at one place and many more other functions, I haven’t really looked that much what the premium version offers, but the free version does all the main work.

So, if you want more exposure for your videos and generate more traffic from your videos then try out OneLoad.


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