Twitter’s Embed Tweet Function

Twitter's Embed Tweet Function I wanted to write this short blog post and talk about a new function that was released on Twitter – the embed function. It’s pretty straight forward you can now take tweets and embed them wherever you want.

How To Use It

Go to Twitter and find the tweet that you would like to use. Click more and click embed tweet. A window will open with the embed code, copy the code and paste it wherever you want. This is pretty much it, you can also do some coding, if you like there’s a guide by Twitter that you can find here:

An example how it looks like on a page:

Where To Use It

Now, you can use it pretty much anywhere. Some ideas that come to mind are to use it in your blog posts to make them more interactive and engaging. You can also use them on sales pages as social proof, if you have some short testimonials on Twitter. Also, you can use it to attract more followers by embedding a tweet of yours on your website’s sidebar. You can probably think of many more ways how to use it.

The Twitter embed function isn’t something groundbreaking, but as someone said the little things matter and they make a difference. Hope you will find the new embed function useful for your business.


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