Love Yourself And Don’t Settle For Nothing Less Than Perfect

Love Yourself And Don't Settle For Nothing Less Than PerfectI started my journey of looking for ways how to make money online after I read a book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, it was a complete mindset changer, it changed tons of my old beliefs about life in a matter of days. I realized that the earth has an abundance of resources and I don’t need to settle for mediocre life that I can have and achieve whatever I want and I don’t need to limit myself.

The book drastically changed my beliefs about money, I kinda had that thought somewhere deep that rich people are mostly crooks and bad people and that wanting riches is greedy, that you should only have as much as you need to fulfill your basic needs. Now I believe that I deserve unlimited wealth, it comes down to loving yourself, if you love yourself you want all the best for yourself and it isn’t greedy, because there’s an abundance of resources, there’s enough for everyone.

Also, loving yourself comes down to loving your body, I have seen many people mostly women that don’t like their bodies, they think they wont find their soul mates,because of their looks, but then again as there are abundance of resources, there’s also an abundance of good people out there and if you believe in that then you will find someone most definitely. Loving your body also means being healthy, eating healthy food, exercising regularly, because if you love yourself you want all the best for you.

So, what are your beliefs about wealth, are your beliefs limiting your from achieving true wealth, you don’t feel that you are worthy of having nice things, going on vacations, living your dream life? When you love yourself those beliefs disappear and you realize that you are worthy and that you as anybody else in the planet deserve wealth and whatever they desire.

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