If You Follow What I Teach Then You Should Be Happy About Penguin 2.0

If You Follow What I Teach Then You Should Be Happy About Penguin 2.0If you are following the internet marketing news then you should probably have read an article or two about the latest Google update Penguin 2.0, but if not in short it was a huge update that fights spammy, unnatural baclinking practices, it penalized a lot of sites that were building backlinks and trying to manipulate the Google rankings.

Also, if you are a member of some internet marketing forums like DigitalPoint or WarriorForum then you have probably seen a lot of topics about it people talking about how they got hit, how their traffic dropped, how their sales dropped and what should they do now to get the traffic back? The solution is one – cleanup your backlink profile: delete all the unnatural backlinks, backlinks from spam sites, bought backlinks and if you can’t manage to delete the backlinks either the site owner refuse to take it down or just doesn’t respond or there’s just no one to contact there then you can use the Google disavow tool to make those backlinks don’t count.

After you have done cleaning your backlinks start doing as I teach: create quality content, share it on the web using social media and blogging networks and don’t even think about SEO, because sooner or later you will burn by doing it, because Google doesn’t like that people are manipulating their rankings and they fight with that by releasing all these updates.

So, it’s way better to focus on the principles that don’t get penalized – quality content and don’t even waste your time on doing these short term fixes and loopholes, your time is better invested in something that provides traffic long term.

Now, if you have been doing this the whole time like I teach, not building any backlinks then you should celebrate Google Penguin 2.0, because when all these sites that were building backlinks and occupying higher positions in Google than you were now got penalized, it means that your site got higher in the rankings and will receive more traffic and you also saved time by not building backlinks and then not having to figure out how to cleanup your backlink profile.

So, don’t focus on those SEO shenanigans, focus on creating quality content, the traffic might not come as fast, but you can be sure that it’s sustainable and wont be gone after a new Google update. Once you have built your content and started generating traffic, huge traffic, you can then sleep calm, because you know that the traffic will come the next day and the next day and the next day.

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