If You Want To Be A Leader You Need To Learn How To Follow

If You Want To Be A Leader You Need To Learn How To FollowI was watching Game Of Thrones again and as always I found some golden nuggets of knowledge there and wanted to share it with you and if you recall the last two lessons that I gave you from the Game Of Thrones about having your mind sharp and knowing who you are all those conversations involved Jon Snow and this time it’s no different. Somehow he’s getting a lot of wise advises from his surroundings. Just saying.

So, today the lesson that I wanted to share was that: If you want to be a leader, you need to learn how to follow. This is actually very true in business, you can’t become a leader before you learn how to follow first. Now, what do I mean by following? Well, it’s very simple you need to learn from the current leaders what they are teaching you and you need to learn how to copy it, adapt it to your business and how to get the results like they are getting, only when you learn that you can then be a leader and then others will follow you.

You can’t just decide to be a leader, there are tons to learn first until you can lead. In internet marketing is just like that you start as a newbie and you just follow the leaders until you start getting results, you just can’t possibly become a leader without learning how to follow. Now, don’t think that you can’t make money unless you are a leader, because you can, just the leaders are the big money earners and, if you want the big money then you know what you need to do.

So, learn how to follow first and then the money will follow. If you would like to get daily updates to your email of my latest blog posts about entrepreneurship and internet marketing then sing up here!

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