Your Failures Make Your Successes Sweeter

Your Failures Make Your Successes SweeterToday, I was taking the theory driving exam for the second time. When I took it the first time I failed and it was a huge shock for me, because I thought that I already knew whatever there is to know there and didn’t even think about it too much, if I had passed it from the first time, I probably wouldn’t even be that much happy, because it’s nothing special, but I failed and was learning this whole week for it and waiting for the time when I can take it again.

So, as I was saying today I had to take my exam, driving to the examination center with my dad, I was all nervous and quiet. Got there early and had to nervously wait for half an hour. I kept repeating in my head ” I will pass!” and thinking about all kinds of lessons learnt from self-improvement books.

The time passed like a minute and here I was sitting in front of the computer and the test begins, I start answering the questions and my heart is racing faster than the first time and my hands are nervously shaking. The first questions were easy, but then it got a bit harder, where I’m unsure about the answers.

I answered all 30 questions and then went through all of them again. A girl who was also taking the test stands up and leaves, my guess that she passed and I started thinking in my head that I can’t take longer than some girl, I’m better than her and then again I start thinking that, if I rush that I might not pass, still a minute later I press the end button and a long loading screen appears which loads really slowly, if I have ended on a website like that normally I would have closed it for at least 3 times already.


The computer gives the results.

I passed. I got 90% and the passing mark was 80%, a silent joyful “Yes!” comes from my mouth. I check where I did the mistakes. I grab the document officially proving that I passed and I walkout happy, excited and with huge relief. Now, there’s only the driving practice exam and I will be a driver.

So, in this video I talk about the lesson I got from my theory driving exam.

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