How To Best Monetize A Content Curation Site

Content Curation

Content Curation

I continue my series of answering search queries of my blog and today what I got is how to monetize content curation sites. Now, what is content curation? In this information age there’s just too much content out there, thousands of videos, articles, audios are created every single day and there’s just not enough time for a regular person to go through it all and find the stuff that’s worth attention and a curator solves that problem, he tries to sort through as much information as possible in a specific niche and find content that is the best of the best and publish it in an easy to consume way.

What is Content Curation

Content curation can be done on different platforms either on social media or blogs. A basic curation on a blog is a blog post that includes a short opinion of the curator about the topic of the content, an excerpt from the content maybe a paragraph of the article that’s being curated and a link back to the original content source or also called attribution. So, it’s basically a short blog post, now there’s more to it to do proper content curation, but that’s the gist of it.

How To Monetize A Content Curation Site

Once you have started generating traffic to your content curation blog you then need to monetize it.

The best way to do that is to build a list. It’s probably even more important than on a regular blog, because on content curation sites you lose a lot of traffic that go to the original source of the content so, you need to capture that traffic, because, if you fail to do that there’s around 90% chance that they aren’t coming back again. So, make sure to put opt-in forms all around the blog and I would highly recommend to put up a pop-up, some marketers are against them, but on a content curation site your traffic can get away very quickly without even noticing a regular opt-in form on your site.

You can also incorporate some other methods of monetization like Google AdWords or similar, but the main one would be building a list where you can promote affiliate products or products of your own and also do a newsletter of all the newest curations and also start building an audience.

So, it’s actually not that difficult to monetize a content curation site, a bigger challenge is to generate traffic. If you want to receive daily internet marketing tips straight to your inbox then sign up!

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