How Can Buying Facebook Likes Kill Your Fanpage

Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook Likes

Probably the worst thing that you can think off to do for your Facebook fanpage is to buy likes. When I say buy likes I don’t mean advertise on Facebook, but I mean Fiverr Gigs or all those other websites that sell Facebook likes, they are usually credit based where you like other people fanpages, you get credits and then you spend them to get likes for your fanpage or you just buy the credits and get likes.

More Likes = More Engagement?

When I was just getting started with Facebook fanpages I thought the more likes you have the better and no matter how you get them. I thought after I generate a decent amount of likes whenever I will share something on my fanpage it will go viral and it will attract even more fans to my fanpage, but sadly this isn’t how Facebook works.

Now, when you are building an email list every new subscriber that you get you can contact, but on Facebook it’s different. For example you have 1000 people liking your website, when you post something it gets shown on a percentage of your fans news feeds, but the kicker here is that, if no one, who likes your fanpage, engages with your post, you don’t get likes, shares and comments, then the next time you will share something it will be shown to an even smaller percentage of people.

The Facebook Algorithm

Facebook algorithm works in a way that, if a person isn’t engaging with the content that he sees, eventually he stops seeing it. So, if you buy a thousand fans for your fanpage that aren’t targeted, this means they wont engage with your content and if people don’t engage with your content your edge rank drops and you reach a smaller and smaller percentage of your audience. This can lead to death of your fanpage and you don’t want that.

I Killed My FanPage

I have tried buying fans for my fanpage and I have practically killed it, there’s no engagement. I have around 1500 likes and my posts reach only up to 10 people, I think it is as low as you can get. The effects on more established fanpages aren’t that bad, after buying likes we didn’t saw an increase in the engagement which should happen after you have more likes, but there was a small decrease, eventually it could lead to total death of a fanpage as well, if the engagement doesn’t stop dropping.

So, don’t play with these spammy ways of getting likes, they only deliver untargetted fans to you, which are only harmful for you. The ways that I recommend is putting up the Facebook widget on your blog, asking for likes below your blog posts and similar ways and of course Facebook advertising.

If you are just beginning I wouldn’t even concentrate on building a fanpage, because it’s kinda hard to monetize it, it’s better to concentrate on building a blog and only once you have began generating a lot of traffic you can then start building a fanpage on the side.

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