The Solo Ad Business Model

The Solo Ad Business ModelI was watching a presentation for a consulting service which helps you to get into the solo ad business, it had some really good content in it so, I decided to share it with you. Before we begin I want to make sure you know what’s a solo ad? It’s a term used in email marketing when you sell the opportunity for others to advertise to your list, their emails gets sent to your list and the cost of this advertising is based on clicks.

I could probably try to explain it a little bit easier, but I hope that you already have a basic understanding of it.

The Business Model

So, in the presentation they were talking about the solo ad business and their service should help you get into the business. The business is pretty simple you have a list that can provide a decent amount of clicks every time you mail to it, 300 clicks is a good number and you start looking for people who want to buy solo ads, a 300 click solo ad can cost between $120 to $150 which is pretty good money for you, if you would manage to find buyers every single day then you would be making from $3600 to $4500 per month.

It’s quite simple all you need to do is to mail your list and you will make money only if you want to grow your business bigger you then need to start thinking, how to grow your list even further, how to invest your money, how to not burn off your list etc.

The Troubles Of Getting Started

Now, the solo ad business works and many are profiting from it, but the biggest struggle is to get into the business, meaning building that list when you can start providing solo ads, it would be a list of around 5000 subscribers, if you have money to invest then it’s easy, but if you don’t then it gets tricky, you then need to put in a lot of time and energy using free methods to build up your list, but it is worth it, because, if you play this game smart you can make a ton of money, I definitely recommend to look into this model whether you are just a beginner or already a seasoned internet marketer, though not everyone likes to go this route, other who really know what they are doing make more money by just promoting affiliate products. Well, it’s a choice.

Try to count how many times I said the word list in the video. I will even give you a hint to make it easier it’s between 1 and a lot :D. leave your guess in the comments.

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