How To Use The Concept Of Propinquity In Your Business

How To Use The Concept Of Propinquity In Your Business Propinquity is a psychology term, it describes that people who interact with each other often are more likely to form relationships and become friends. It’s actually a very obvious phenomena, still there’s a term for it and there were studies made to prove this thing.

Of course, if your interactions suck and you make the people you interact with mad, then you wont make friends with them no matter how often you talk with them. That’s another very obvious truth.

How to Apply It

So, how can you apply the principle of propinquity in your business? Easy, if you want to create profitable relationships with your customers then interact with them frequently. As you know frequency helps build the relationships and people love to buy from someone who they know, like and trust. So, increasing the frequency of interactions can make you more sales of course, but too often and you might start to annoy your audience, but that’s more likely, if you don’t provide enough value and just interact for the sake of interacting.


There are tons of different platforms out there where you can market and the frequencies are a variable.

  • Twitter: Tweet 12-24 times a day, once every hour or every second hour. This will bring you the most traffic and won’t annoy your followers.
  • Facebook: 2-3 posts a day. It’s different from Twitter so, if you post too much your audience will tune off, you don’t want that of course.
  • Pinterest: A completely different bird than the rest, pin as much as you like and do it daily, but only pin quality stuff and don’t start spamming.
  • Email marketing: Mail once or twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. One of the best methods to stay on top of the mind of your audience.
  • Blogging: Blog as often as you like, but at least daily. There’s actually no real limit to it, because your readers don’t necessarily need to read everything that you post, just make sure that you post high-quality content, that goes for all the platforms.
  • Video: Do it daily, you could try to go for more than once a day, but there’s just so many hours in the day. Still, more videos will only help.

Special Power Of Videos       

Videos possess a special power when it comes to propinquity and relationship building. They are the closest to one on one human interaction. Not sure have you experienced this or not, but when you see a celebrity on the streets that you have seen it on the TV for many times and you know who he is, it’s kinda like you know that person and you want to go and say hi and talk to him even though you haven’t met him just seen it on TV a lot.

That’s how powerful video can be, you can build true relationships without even meeting a person so, I recommend to tap into this resource.

So, if you want to build more relationships with your customers that lead to more sales, then increase your frequencies of interactions. Always have in mind quality over quantity, because if you share crap then it actually kills relationships, but also make sure you put in the time every day so, your audience doesn’t forget about you.

How often do you share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and how often do you write emails, blogs and create videos? Would love to hear from you in the comments.

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