The Summer Business Slow Down

The Summer Business Slow Down Like animals go to sleep in winter, business goes to sleep as well, but on summer. This happens for an obvious reason my friend, most of the people are on vacations enjoying their time outside, at the beaches and having fun, spending way less time in front of the computer. So, the traffic on the internet drops, all the activities drop and the whole business slows down except of course for summer time businesses.

Activity Has Dropped

I’m receiving way less emails, my email list is delivering around 50% less clicks, the traffic on my blogs has dropped. Basically, all the internet activities have dropped and that happens every year so, don’t go into panic, if you see you traffic drop, there wasn’t new Google algorithm updates released, you didn’t do anything wrong it’s just that overall traffic has dropped.

What’s The Plan

Now, what should you do? Well, you can go on for a vacation as everybody else or if you don’t need one or can’t afford one then go build your business. Yes, you will be receiving less traffic and less overall engagement, but if you are blogging then those blog posts will be there for a long time generating traffic so, you can spend your time creating these traffic assets and when the summer ends you will see an increase in your traffic and you will have an edge over your competition, because when everyone was on vacation you were working and building your business.

Use It To Your Advantage

So, just because you will get less traffic now doesn’t mean that you don’t need to build your business right now, don’t be lazy if you have the time, even though the summer time is slow, it’s even better for you hard working fellow, because there’s less competition. For example you write about a hot topic, lets say the closing of Google Reader, because there’s a lot of bloggers on vacation there’s less competition and you can get more traffic by writing about a topic like this. Now, in regular circumstances it would be hard to rank for a topic that hot, because everyone is writing about it and it’s hard to rank for it.

So, look for ways to use the summer time for your advantage, if you have chosen your computer instead of laying down in the beach. The traffic might have dropped, but there’s still a lot and if you work smart you can get a huge chunk of it. And if you are on vacation then have a good time, rest well, but don’t give up on your business entirely still try to find some time to do the work and get prepared for the autumn.

I’m working on summer as much as I can, but I also spend a lot of time outdoors, I try to keep a right balance and how about you?

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