Veoh Doesn’t Like Video Marketers

Veoh Doesn't Like Video MarketersI’m doing video marketing for quite some time now and to boost the results that I’m getting I started using a free service called OneLoad which spreads your videos across the web. I have used that service a long long time ago so, I had all those account already set up, but for some reason my Veoh account wasn’t working anymore.

You’re Out

So, I created a new one, no big deal and started spreading my videos across the web. Soon enough I started getting emails telling me that my videos are against the TOS of Veoh. Well, the emails didn’t specify what’s wrong with the videos so, I didn’t really pay too much attention to this, because I didn’t see any traffic coming from Veoh to my blog. 2 or 3 more of these emails and I received the final one – my account got terminated.

No Video Marketing Allowed

Sounds rough, but again I wasn’t getting any traffic from there so, I didn’t care too much, but I did find interesting to know why I got banned so, I wrote to support and they replied me with an answer that they don’t allow unsolicited advertising or meaning they don’t allow video marketing, because you can’t put URLs in the description and if I understand correctly you can’t even have calls to action in your videos.

They advised me that, if I want to advertise then I should buy it from them. So, yes, Veoh doesn’t like video marketers, what can you do about it? Well, just forget about them or just put calls to action inside the videos, for example at the end of the video mention your blog or website. As I said I’m not sure would that count as unsolicited advertising or not so, I don’t recommend Veoh for video marketing, but you can try uploading your videos, just make sure you don’t put links in the description.


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