Google Ranking Factors 2013

Google Ranking Factors 2013SEO can bring your site to the top of Google rankings and Google updates can bring you down. I don’t like talking about SEO much, because I got burnt by various tactics that I used in the past so, I’m very careful about doing any SEO these days and if you don’t know what you are doing then I recommend to stay away from SEO tricks as well.

Still, I wanted to write a few words about it and share what I found today. No, I wont be sharing with you any ninja tricks just giving you direction and pointing out where you should focus more to possibly get more traffic from Google.

So, as I said I found this white paper by Search Metrics where they share what are the factors that Google use to determine whether to rank a site higher. The factors are ordered by their influence for rankings. Now, it’s not sure how accurate this report are, because you can’t just go to Google and ask for this kind of info, it was gathered by analyzing a ton of websites.

Anyways, lets dig into this report as you can see on the top there are social signals so, if it wasn’t clear before do they have an impact on SEO or not, now it is. You, need to start spending more time on social media, if you want to drive more traffic from Google and as a result you will be getting more traffic from social media sites as well. Of course be smart and don’t just spam.

The Most Influential Social Media Sites

As you can see the most influence to Google rankings gives Google +, now this makes sense, why wouldn’t Google pay more attention to its own product. Next, there’s Facebook, Pinterest even though it’s a fairly new social media site and the last one is Twitter with a page rank of 10, but apparently Google doesn’t trust it that much probably, because there’s a lot of spam there.

After seeing this report I rushed into Google+ and added some people to my circles, will try to spend more time there from now on. So, focus on these 4 social media sites and you should start seeing an increase in your Google rankings. Again, don’t go over the top with this, I’m just giving you a direction where you should focus more, this doesn’t mean that you now need to start buying social shares and stuff, if you are smart you will go and start build an audience on these sites.

Backlinks Are Still Relevant

Penguin 2.0 has made incredibly hard to build backlinks, but that doesn’t mean that backlinks are now irrelevant, they still have a huge impact for the rankings and if you manage to create content that people are willingly linking to then you will reap huge rewards.

Again, I’m warning you, don’t go and start building backlinks, buying software that does that for you or something, that’s just an easy way to get penalized. Create high quality content and people will be naturally linking to you and I’m just saying that this will impact your rankings.

So, nothing really changes the best SEO strategy is still creating high quality content that gets shared and linked to and that’s what you should do. If you found this blog post useful the please share it.

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