A Free Guide How To Get The Most Traffic From BizSugar

A Free Guide How To Get The Most Traffic From BizSugarBizSugar. What’s so, special about it? There are a bunch of blogging communities in the internet marketing niche that allow you to share your blog posts and drive traffic back to your website and BizSugar isn’t really that different it does the same thing, BUT it delivers the best results and it doesn’t have stupid restrictions.

Why Is BizSugar Awesome?

I’m sharing my content on a bunch of sites and BizSugar delivers the best results: the most traffic and engagement. Yeah sure others deliver traffic as well, but when the traffic comes from BizSugar the visitors are more likely to leave a comment.

The other advantages of BizSugar is that even though it’s an awesome awesome community it’s still free and you can share only your own content, if you like unlike on an other blogging community called Inbound, which wants that you would share all the interesting articles that you find from around the web, but let’s be honest we join these communities for our own benefit, to drive more traffic to OUR blog not to somebody else.

How To Milk BizSugar?

So, you want some of that highly targeted and engaging traffic? Sure, you do. I will give you some tips how to get the most of it.

Mind What You Share

You can share 3 articles in a 24 hour period, if you write a ton of content make sure to pick only the best ones, if you don’t write that much still only high quality articles will bring you results. Still, it doesn’t hurt to publish.

Also make sure to choose the right topic when you share, which is the closest related to your article.

Don’t Be Lazy

Write an interesting description. Yeah I know it’s much easier to just copy and paste the first paragraph of your article and yes sometimes it works, but it’s best to write a unique description with a call to action to click and read your article or leave them on a cliffhanger.


You are likely going to get comments on BizSugar. Sometimes people leave a comment on your and paste it as well on BizSugar, but more often they just leave them on BizSugar, which I admit is a bit annoying to have comments scattered all over the place, I would rather have them all on my blog, but what are you going to do about it.

So, the tip here is to reply to every comment that you get, this will drive even more engagement, more upvotes, more votes increase the chances of your article being marked as hot. When your article gets hot it get even more votes and of course traffic, because it gets into the category of popular where more people can see it and if you get lots of votes then your article can be featured in the weekly newsletter which again means more traffic.

In The End It Comes Back To…

So, I shared some tips how to get the most traffic out of BizSugar, but still in the end it comes down to high quality interesting content, if it’s no good no one will bother to vote for it and you wont get featured so, concentrate on quality first.

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