Leverage Other People Content To Promote Your Opportunity

Leverage Other People Content To Promote Your OpportunityI watched a webinar replay that Mark Hoverson made for July 4th, which is the USA independence day, a little history lesson here, but no, I wont be talking about the history of USA, you can read it on Wikipedia, if you like, but I will be talking about independence, financial independence that is.

Leverage Is Power

In the webinar I learned a COOL thing, a strategy as you say that I wanted to share which you and which I will try to implement more and more into my own business. The strategy is to leverage what other people do. To be more specific and he was talking about opportunities is to leverage your community of the opportunity that you are in, the opportunity doesn’t matter as long as there is an active community.

Now, how do you leverage the community? Well, it’s pretty easy, in the usual communities there are tons of content shared by people who are having success:

  • maybe they share how their life changed after joining and they shoot a video
  • maybe they write an article and share a success story
  • maybe they share something they were able to do thanks to the opportunity  
  • maybe they share a video from the vacation they won by being a top producer in that company

Put It To Action

Well, whatever they share, if it’s inspiring then use it for your own advantage. For example you are writing an email to your list and you write something like this:

My opportunity is baking success stories like crazy, it changed this guy’s life forever.

Link to a video.

If you want to be successful like he is now, then take action and join, I will guide you through and teach you everything that you need to know to succeed.

Link to the sing-up page

You can also use this strategy in blogging, social media and other places. The gist is that you are leveraging other people content, you don’t even need to be crazy successful to show others that your opportunity is the real deal, you can just leverage the success stories of others and don’t underestimate this strategy, even highly successful entrepreneurs are using this strategy to show that there’s a ton of people succeeding and you can to, if you join.

Active Communities

To utilize this strategy all you need is to join an opportunity with an active community, don’t worry these days it’s hard to find one without a community and if you managed to end up in one then I would have second thoughts about it. Once you have the first step handled all you need is to turn on your creative thinking and find ways how to leverage the success of other people.

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