How To Create A PDF Report To Giveaway As A Free Gift

How To Create A PDF Report To Giveaway As A Free GiftThe traditional approach of building a list is to offer some sort of free gift as a bribe to get the email addresses of your visitors, the gift is targeted to the audience that you want to sell to. The easiest type of gift to create is a PDF report, some may argue, but the process of creating a report is pretty basic and in this blog post I will walk you through it.

The Idea

Everything starts from the idea, you need to think of what you want to teach in the report, make sure it is relevant to what you are selling. Obvious example: you sell dog food and you write a report about how to take care of cats. Not so, obvious example: You sell a product about social media marketing, but you write a report how to make money selling ebooks on Amazon. Now, it is in the same niche and you could relate them like use social media marketing to promote your ebooks on Amazon, but it’s best to have a free gift about social media, if your product is about social media, have them very closely related.

Also make sure you are putting great content into the report and not some rehashed crap that everyone knows about, giveaway content that you could put in a paid product so, people would want to download it.

Write It

Once you got an idea write around a 1000 word report about it. Simple.

Creating a PDF

Once you have written it down you need to convert it into a PDF file there are several ways how you can do it, either using Microsoft Word’s create PDF function or using a stand alone software or some other way. In the video I show you step by step how to do it.

Share It

Now, you have your PDF report file, you then need to upload it on the internet so that your subscribers could download it. Again there’s a gazillion ways how you can do it, if you have your own hosting then upload it to your server, if not then I recommend using Google Drive, in the video I show you how to use it.

So, there you have it, your own PDF file created and ready to be used as a bribe for building your majestic email list. If you liked this blog post please tweet it and plus it.

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