Why It Is Difficult To Monetize Content

Why It Is Difficult To Monetize ContentI present you with another episode of answering search engine queries. Today, in our show we have a question: Why it is difficult monetize content?

The answer is: NO!

I mean lets investigate the question a little bit further, first what is content? 

Content can be anything from videos, articles, podcasts, presentations, documents, eBooks, email newsletters and even social media updates, yeah those too can sometimes be referred to as content.

Monetization is just a fancy word for saying make money. For example why it is difficult to make money from content, almost the same meaning or monetization can also mean the strategy by which you are planning to make money. For example you have a blog and you put up third party ads to make money from it, this is monetization.

So, why it is difficult? Well, it isn’t, it’s actually very easy, if you are doing:

Video Marketing

Create videos, upload them on YouTube or else where and put a link to your squeeze page in the description, this way you are building a list and monetizing your traffic on your email list by sending promotions once in a while.


Put calls to action in your blog posts to get your readers subscribed, put up widgets with your sing-up form, create a pop-up, there’s a ton of ways how you can capture your traffic and funnel it to your list where you monetize it later with followups.

Slide Presentations

Create presentation and share it on Slide Share, Scribd, Yudu etc. Make sure to put a call to action at the end of the presentation with a link to your squeeze page, again building your list, I think you already got it where it’s going. Also put a link in the description.


Tweet your squeeze page link once in a while, that’s it.

So, it doesn’t really matter what content you create, if there’s a place where you can put in a link then put your squeeze page URL and build that list. Do all the monetization in the emails promote affiliate products or your own, maybe even CPA offers and also build those relationships with your subscribers, because when they know like and trust you they are more willingly going to buy.

Take advantage of the relationship building power of email and you will make tons of money. If you liked this blog post please tweet it and plus it. Also, if you aren’t yet a subscriber then you know what to do: JOIN!

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