How To Keep Your Business Running On A Vacation

How To Keep Your Business Running On A VacationMost of the people go and start their online businesses, because they want freedom, to go on vacations, to quit their jobs so, they could stop slaving away. This is the beauty of an online business that you can very easily automate it and have a lot of freedom and still make money.

So, these past 5 days I was on a vacation, on the beaches chilling, having fun with my friends, the weather wasn’t very good, but I came back relaxed and full of new energy to keep my business going. I didn’t have an internet connection on my vacation, it’s actually good to rest from all that starring to a screen, but my business didn’t stop while I was away, my blog was still generating traffic almost as much as usual and I was still posting new blog posts as well as sending new emails to my newsletter so, my business was running pretty much as it always does, but I wasn’t lifting a finger.

WordPress Scheduling

To keep my business going while I was away I have written 5 blog posts in advance before going away and scheduled them for those 5 days. So, my blog was still fresh as always. Scheduling blog posts on WordPress is very easy:

  1. WordPress SchedulingClick edit
  2. Set-up date
  3. Click OK
  4. Press Schedule

My traffic dropped a bit these days, because I was just publishing my blog posts and didn’t share them on all the social media sites, now this problem can be easily fixed by installing an auto share plug-in.

Scheduling On Aweber

I had also scheduled emails to go out on these 5 days, now I understand that it is a lot of work to create that much content in advance, but a tip that I can give you for email marketing is to reuse some old emails that were performing well, make sure they are at least 4-6 months old then no one will even notice that you have already sent it and you wont have to write a new email.

Scheduling emails on Aweber is also very easy, you create a broadcast and one of the steps is to set a date when you want to mail. Easy peasy.

So, scheduling helped me run my business while I was on vacation of course, if you have a bigger business then you might need to hire someone to do your customer support or some other urgent activities, but for small business scheduling is just enough, you can go out for vacation and no one will even notice that you were gone.

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