What To Do If You Are Struggling With Your Online Business

What To Do If You Are Struggling With Your Online BusinessBuilding an online business is hard and frustrating. The beginning is a real struggle and it is hard to keep your motivation up. Still, once you get it, you can put up an easy plan that you can follow to keep your business growing, but it’s hard, if you don’t get it.


So, if you are struggling to build your online business what you need to do is to choose which traffic generation method do you want to use, I recommend either blogging or video marketing or both together and focus on it, if you are doing a lot of stuff just cut them all off and focus on your key performance indicator.

One A Day

Once you are clear how you are building your business, you then know what you need to do more to make more money. With blogging, if you are doing just one blog post a day and do that for a year you will have 365 posts, if you don’t miss a day, on this blog I already have 128 blog posts and I’m generating some decent traffic and started getting some leads here and there so, by having 365 blog posts you would be getting decent traffic and regular new leads coming in.

After a year of working online part time by doing just one blog post a day you would have a pretty good business running. If you want to speed up the process just write more, if you do just 2 blog posts a day after a year you will have 730 blog posts and you will be generating a lot of traffic. At which point you will be receiving a ton of emails, if you are using a free email service, go out and buy cheap Microsoft office, you will be thankful of the free time it enables you.

Also by doing something over and over again you don’t get worse, you get better so, the more you blog the better you will get and you will get better results. So, keep working and keep improving it takes time to build a business, but you need to keep your motivation high and have laser focus on the method you have chosen, if you don’t do that you will have a hard time building your business.

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