If You Are Using Twitter Read This

If You Are Using Twitter Read ThisI had an awesome day today, I finally passed my driving test. The whole training process was a huge struggle and the tests were a huge pain in the ass, I had a lot of crazy thoughts in my head that maybe I should quit, because there’s just too much pressure and stress it was unbearable, but I managed to pull my shit together and now finally I’m a driver. Hell yeah. The takeaway from this is no matter how hard it is just keep going and one day you will succeed. A little motivation from me today.


Later I got back home, turned on my computer did a little bit of browsing and found out that my Twitter account with more than 5000 followers got suspended and about this I want to talk a bit more. I think Twitter recently changed their TOS and made it even more strict, if you use any kind of software or programs that get you followers you can get suspended.


I was actually using a software called Tweet Spice and a site called Twiends to get more followers and that’s probably the reason I got suspended. So, I want to warn you to stop using software or programs that get you followers automatically or sites that sell twitter followers like Fiverr, because you can get suspended as I did.

Lifting The Penalty

If you already got suspended don’t worry too much, I have been suspended in the past, yes, I’m a bad internet marketer, and I managed to get my account back and running, what you need to do is to write them a support ticket after you have deleted all the aggressive following apps on your account and hope that they will lift the penalty.

From now on build you Twitter audience the good old way by writing good tweets and just attracting people. Stop all the programs that you were using to avoid being suspended. I sure hope so that they will lift the ban on my account or this day might not be as good as it seemed.

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