How To Come Up With Ideas For New Blog Posts

How To Come Up With Ideas For New Blog PostsToday, I was struggling to come up with an idea to write about, I spent around an hour thinking and browsing my inbox for inspiration, but nothing came to mind. It’s very frustrating when you can’t think off anything and you are already tired and would like to go to sleep rather than write a blog post.

But I did managed to come up with a topic, a list of things that I do to come up with blog titles.

Ideas File

Ideas usually come to me unexpected, sometimes when I’m reading an article or a book, sometimes when watching videos and sometimes when I’m just laying in my bed. In order to remember all the ideas I keep a note on Evernote where I put all the ideas that come up. When the time comes to write I check the note for any unused ideas.


What if the idea file is empty, all the ideas got used up and you need to write a new blog post. Well, the best thing to do is to go an consume content, read articles, blog posts, watch videos etc. And think what you could write about. I’m following a lot of people in my niche and I get a ton of newsletters I regularly go through them to get new ideas for my blog posts.

Blog Data

For example you were away for the day, your idea file is empty and you don’t have the time to consume content and you need an idea now. A technique that I use is to check my blog’s data. What I mean by that is to check the keywords that are driving traffic to my blog, sometimes you can find some very interesting search queries that are already blog post titles by themselves so, you get an immediate idea.

To find your blog’s search queries using Google Analytics go to: Traffic Sources> Sources> Search> Organic and you will find a list of keywords.

Idea Generator

I check for interesting search queries daily and only like once a week I find a good query about which I can write a blog post so, if these tips didn’t help you check out this tool: Portent. It’s a content idea generator. You put in a keyword and it spits out blog post titles. The database of headlines isn’t huge, but it can help to think of an interesting blog post.


If all those tips didn’t help then just lay down, eliminate all distractions, close the door of your room and make sure it’s quiet, silence helps your creativity. Start thinking about what you could write, don’t ignore any ideas, if you think that you are repeating yourself think of different angles around the topic, whatever comes to mind think if you really had to could you write a blog post about it.

If you are experienced in your niche then definitely something will come up to mind.

So, hope these tips will be helpful for you as much as they are for me when I need to come up with a tittle for a blog post. If you liked this blog post please share it on Twitter and plus it. Also I would like to hear from you what techniques do you use to come up with ideas for blog posts leave them in the comments below.

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