How To Use Klout And Increase Your Score

My Klout Score

Klout is a service that analyzes your social activity and your influence online and gives you a Klout score from 1 to 100 that describes how influential are you.  You can use that score to brag about your influence to others or you can use it for more meaningful purposes for example figuring out whether our current social media strategies are giving you positive or negative results.

Klout Algorithm

The score is just a score for you to keep track of your influence. Klout uses a secret algorithm for calculating the score. In that algorithm goes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Instagram. You don’t necessarily need to have all these social media accounts to get a Klout score, you can connect just one or two account that you are active on, or you can connect all the accounts that you have.


My Network Breakdown… Twitter being the most influential

Keep Track Of Your Mentions

Also, on Klout you can keep track of the mentions that and interactions you are getting on the internet for example the retweets that you got and there’s actually a 5 star system that measures the impact of every mention, the more influential the person that mentioned you is the more stars you will get and a higher impact it will have on your score.

How To Increase The Score

Of course you want some tips how to increase your Klout score, but there isn’t any ninja tricks to do that or ways to game the system. Just be social, build your audiences on social media sites, get mentioned by influential people in your field. Don’t even think about buying followers for your social media accounts to boost your Klout score, this isn’t what Klout is looking for, it looks for engagement and you can get it only by being social, interacting with your audience, sharing interesting content etc.

90 days klout score

A huge score drop at the end when my Twitter account got suspended

So, the better you are on social media the higher your Klout score will go, basically Klout is like a guide indicating whether what you are doing is working or not. So, I recommend registering an account so, you could keep track of your influence online. I also shot a video where I give this basic overview of Klout and I also show you my dashboard. Watch the video below. If you liked this blog post please share it on Twitter and plus it. Lets do some bragging in the comments, what’s your Klout score?

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2 Responses to How To Use Klout And Increase Your Score

  1. GizmoGeodog says:

    I’ll take Klout seriously when they finally link to WP blogs…until then it’s just a novelty (my score, without my blog, is 62, so it’ not sour grapes)
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Let’s Go Geocaching for Geodog Day!My Profile

    • Liudas says:

      Still your score is pretty high, but yeah I totally approve of this idea of including WP blogs and actually any kind of blogs for that matter, who knows maybe they will include them in the near future.

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