Do Something Kind Today

Do Something Kind Today


I haven’t done a blog post about self-improvement for quite a while so, I think today is a great day for doing one of these.

I wanted to share with you an interesting study about kindness. When you do something kind to someone for example, you open the door, help carry something, pick up something that someone dropped or any kind of kind activity then your brain releases a hormone called serotonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that pharmacy companies put into antidepressants, this hormone helps to regulate mood also appetite and sleep. So, it’s a very useful hormone that your brain releases when you do something kind, but that’s not all.

Serotonin Going Viral

Serotonin is also released in the brain of the person to whom you did something kind and also in the brain of people who saw the act of kindness. So, kindness has some kind of a viral effect.

So, whenever you start to feel sad and maybe even depressed then go and do something kind, it’s not that hard, right? Much better than taking pills, all natural. Basically, this helps you realize that you can change your moods, you don’t have to stick with being sad just do something kind and your brain will reward you it will also reward others around you so, spread the kindness.

Treat Depression Watching Videos?

I actually found this study very interesting and eye opening, if you can get serotonin by just watching an act of kindness and serotonin helps dealing with depression then by watching YouTube videos of kind things you can deal with depression. Just a thought here.

So, do something kind today, help someone out and even better make that a habit. If you liked this blog post please tweet it and plus it so, more people could find out about this.

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