How To Increase Your Average

How To Increase Your Average You have probably heard the famous quote from Jim Rohn “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. For example, you have 5 friends one of them is earning $10k a month, next one $5k, next $4k, $6k and the last one $5k so, in total that would be $30k divided by 5 would be $6k and this would be your income.

Try this example with your real word numbers and see is it close. Well, there can be exceptions to this rule, but it’s pretty accurate. This rule also applies to other aspects of life like happiness, knowledge and others, but income is the easiest to calculate.

Another example of this rule would be would be, if you spend the most time with happy and energetic people then you are more likely to be happy and energetic yourself and if your friends are lazy, tired and complaining all the time then you are likely be like that as well.

So, if you want to increase your income, your happiness, your knowledge or whatever it is that you desire then you need to spend more time with people who already have that. Now, just, because I said that, you wont go and meet millionaires and make friends with them, there probably isn’t too many of them in your local area, but there are better ways how you can increase your average.

Read Books

Read books of successful people. Reading is like communicating with that person, you learn from his experiences that he has put in the book and by doing that you lift up your average, you gain more knowledge to achieve whatever is that you want.

Online Communities

With the help of the internet you can reach out to a lot of successful people, there are tons of communities on social media sites, forums etc. that you can join and by participating in them, talking with people who already have achieved success you lift up your average as well.

If you spend a lot of time there you will start to think more as a successful person.


The ultimate tip is to meditate, with meditation you are connecting with the god itself and that means that you taping into unlimited potential and you can increase your average without limits.

So, when you spend more time reading books, connecting with people who have what you want and meditating, you will start raising your average and start seeing results in the place that you focus on. Now, this doesn’t mean that your current friends are limiting you. No, we just tend to attract people to our lives that are similar to us, but if you want to achieve more, then you will have to spend more time with people aligned to your goals.

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