How To Increase Your Facebook’s Edge Rank

Increase EdgeRank

Increase EdgeRank

It’s already midnight and I’m just getting started with this blog post. I hope I wont fall asleep while typing. Anyways I wanted to talk with yo about Facebook’s edge rank. First off what is edge rank, it’s a Facebook’s algorithm that determines whether the content that you share should appear on other people’s timelines.

How Edge Rank Works

For example, you have a fanpage with 1000 fans and you have a low edge rank. This will mean that when you post a status update only a handful of people will see the update in their news feed and if you have a high edge rank then a lot of people who have liked your fanpage will see your update in their feeds.

The edge rank is determined by engagement on your updates. If you get a lot of shares, comments and likes then your edge rank goes up and a lot of people will see your updates. If your content doesn’t get a lot of engagement then your edge rank drops and your content doesn’t get seen.

Why You Might Have A Low Edge Rank

It’s a way that Facebook uses to filter out crap so, that only engaging content gets seen. Now, one of the main reasons why your edge rank might be low is, because you have bought likes for your fanpage or have acquired untargeted fans in other ways. If your audience isn’t targeted then of course they wont interact with your content and your edge rank will go down. So, first start off with your audience, make sure it is targeted.

How To Increase Edge Rank

Now, if you have a targeted audience, but you aren’t getting a lot of engagement then it means that you are sharing crap. Try putting up interesting content, ask engaging questions, ask for opinions, start discussions etc.

From my experience content that gets the most engagement are images, then videos, text updates and the least engagement gets updates with links in them, if you have a low edge rank you should avoid to post links for a while.

So, don’t just syndicate content on your fanpage, put up some thought in what you share and then you will receive more engagement and your content will be seen by more people.

Measure Your Edge Rank

You can’t improve, if you don’t measure so, I want to share with you a tool to measure your edge rank, which is called EdgeRankChecker . It’s a free tool to track your edge rank, it also has a paid version which provides a lot of analytic data about your fanpages. The tool is very simple to use, just “attach” your Facebook account and you will get the data of all your fanpages. The edge rank is a number from 0 to 40, the higher the better.

So, make sure you have a targeted audience, also make sure you are sharing awesome content and measure how you are doing. If you liked this blog post please share it with other by using the social media button on the side.

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