How The ABC Rule Of Marketing Can Help You Make Money

How The ABC Rule Of Marketing Can Help You Make MoneyI wanted to do a quick blog post about the ABC rule of marketing. For me this rule was a pretty obvious one and maybe I overdone it a bit at the beginning, but for some people it isn’t that obvious, not saying that they are stupid or something, maybe they are following some other people, maybe they have a different approach to building their business well, it actually doesn’t matter as long as you start applying this rule.

What Is The ABC Rule?

The ABC rule is actually an acronym and it stands for Always Be Closing or you can also translate it to always be selling. As I said right from the beginning I was trying to monetize everything that I was doing and try to make those sales probably, because I started out in the make money niche and I was after the money right from the beginning, but others actually think that they have to provide value first and build an audience before they can start selling as if selling would be a bad thing.

Wrong, selling is actually a good thing, you are helping people by selling your products, you are solving the problems of the people that follow you unless of course you are selling crap, which I hope you aren’t.

Start Selling

You should start selling right from the beginning, in fact you shouldn’t even do nothing until you have a funnel in place that has a free gift, a One Time Offer and a main offer that you sell in your follow up. Once you have that in place you can then start providing value, creating content and drive traffic to your blog and to your funnel.

You need to be providing value and do the selling at the same time. There’s no need to build an audience first and then do the selling, do it right away. You can’t make money, if you aren’t selling.

Also don’t stall with the consistent value providing. Yes, you do need to provide value, but don’t make all your emails just content, make sure to be pitching regularly.

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