How Much Work Does It Take To Become Successful Online

How Much Work Does It Take To Become Successful OnlineThere’s an anecdote, how many push ups can Chuck Norris do? All of them.

It’s pretty much the same, if you would ask how much work do you need to do to become successful with internet marketing? All of it. It’s probably as accurate as you can get.

A lot of people when starting out with internet marketing, and more so when joining some kind of program, or buying a product, want to know when will they start seeing results, how fast can they recoup the money spent etc. I was actually like that too. Before I joined anything I wanted to know what am I going to do and how long will it take to start seeing results.

If It Guarantees You An Income – Stay Away

Practically no legitimate business opportunity can answer you this question specifically, because of that at the beginning I was drawn to business opportunities that could answer it and most of them turned out to be scams. Spend X amount of money, wait Y amount of time and you will receive Z amount of money and also Invite as much people as possible to earn even more.

It Depends On Your Effort

But now I realize that a legitimate business can’t answer this question, because it all depends in how much effort you are willing to put in. Lets take for example my business opportunity that I’m in – Empower Network. The main strategy how you make money is by using their blogging platform and by just blogging.

So, lets take two different people who join and both of them write an article a day. Could I say that after 30 days both of them will receive the same amount of traffic? Hell no! There’s too many variables. Maybe one of them is writing longer articles, other one is writing shorter, but better SEO optimized articles. Maybe one of them manage to get an article viral and from one article alone he gets a ton of traffic. So, after 30 days the results may be very different.

Effort and Skills

Even though blogging is a proven system to make money online, no one can actually determine when you will start making money out of it, it all depends on your effort and skills. If you write 10 articles a day then definitely you will become successful much faster than you would, if you would write only 1 per day. But then again there’s no guarantee that by writing 10 articles a day you will be more successful than someone who writes only 1 per day, because his one article could generate more targeted traffic than 10 of yours.

So, there’s no way to determine when you will start seeing results with a business opportunity, it comes back to your efforts and skills. But then again don’t think that success comes easy for others, not at all. It takes lots and lots of hours of hard work until you start seeing any results. You need to work your butt off day in and day out, if you really want to succeed. You need to be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

The Secret To Success

The secret to success is consistent, focused work towards your goals. If you get committed to blogging then write at least a single blog post a day, work on improving your writing skills, learn new ways how to promote your blog posts, learn about on page SEO and how it can help you rank your blog posts higher and thus bringing your more Google traffic. Get a little bit better at blogging every day. Even, if you don’t see results when you already think that you should, don’t get discouraged keep going you will get there sooner or later, be prepared for a long journey.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Most people wouldn’t probably even start, if they knew how much work they will need to do before they will start seeing results. But are you willing to give up on success? I think it’s worth all the hard work no matter how long does it take. Be willing to do what others wont and you will be successful.

So, if all that talking about hard work didn’t discourage you then you probably have what it takes. Commit, take action daily, improve your skills and you will get there. If you think you have what it takes then join me in Empower Network. If you liked this blog post please share it with others using the social media buttons on the side.

And as always, if you prefer listening instead of reading then watch the video that I shot about this topic.

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