What Usain Bolt Can Teach You About Blogging

Usain Bolt Blogging LessonsYesterday, I was watching the IAAF World Championship live broadcast from Moscow and more specifically the 100 meter men’s sprint, where Usain Bolt was competing for the last title that he needed in his collection to undoubtedly be called the fastest man on the planet.

Usain Bolt Got Disqualified

Two years ago he was disqualified, because of a false start and didn’t won the World Championship title, Usain Bolt couldn’t let this happen this time. I personally really enjoy watching the sprinters they are really funny, they never miss a chance to show off before the start, it’s probably the reason why the cameras love them so much.

Usain Bolt Uses Law Of Attraction?

Usain Bolt before the start was already pretending that he has won the gold medal and was showing it off to the Moscow’s crowd. Now, that’s some confidence right there and the technique of visualization.

The start for Bolt was pretty slow and he was losing for 2/3 of the distance, but he did manage to catch up in the last meters and win the gold medal.

10 Seconds To Fame

Now, looking from the side you start to kinda envy Usain Bolt. All he needed was to run for 10 seconds and he gets fame, recognition and probably a lot of money for that. All that just for a ten second run.

Of course this is what we see on the surface and there’s no mention what it takes to get there. The hard training day in and day out for years and years, dealing with injuries all that to get to the level.

How Usain Bolt Relates To Blogging?

When you think about it reminds me of blogging. You start out, you have zero traffic, but you start the training process – writing blog posts and bit by bit you start getting some more and more traffic, you then start to generate leads and slowly start building that email list until one day you reach a level where you have an email list so big that whenever you send out an email you make sales. This is like the 100 meters sprint, when it all pays off.

Focused Daily Action Is Key

But you can’t reach that level without daily training, you need to put a tremendous effort into building your business, dealing with obstacles and pushing yourself everyday to do the work.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you have what it takes, if you are committed to getting success and you are looking for an online business then I recommend you to join Empower Network.

It has a proven system to make money. When you join you get a blog set up for you, already with everything you need to monetize it – a high converting funnel. All that’s left for you is to start blogging and get traffic to your blog. So, get committed to do daily blogging, like Usain Bolt is committed to daily training. Join Empower Network and you will succeed.

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