3 Easy Steps To Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

A lot of people these days head on to the internet when they need some extra income or even, if they desperately need money. One of the most popular strategies that people choose is to make money blogging. Mostly, because it is easy and straight forward to get started.

But before you settle on blogging you should realize that blogging is just a tool to get traffic and that there’s many other ways how you can get traffic. You can buy traffic from services like Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Infolinks etc. or you can use other methods of generating free traffic video marketing, social media marketing and others.

Blogging Is A Good Place To Get Started

So, blogging is just one way of generating traffic and frankly it’s a good place to start with, because it’s relatively easy to make money blogging compared to other methods. If you use paid traffic methods then for a beginner it is very hard to make money, firstly you need an advertising budget, a good understanding of the advertising platform and a high converting funnel. Well, it’s a lot to handle for a newbie.

If you choose to start with social media marketing, you will have a hard time to get the things rolling, because it takes a lot of time to build that audience and usually there isn’t a lot of buyer traffic on social media so, it’s hard to monetize it.

If you choose video marketing then you will need to have a camera, or at least some kind of software to create videos and of course you would need to beat the camera shyness, unless you do PowerPoint presentation videos.

And with blogging all you need is to write, which is a skill you have learnt at school though it isn’t very enjoyable for most people. Still, from my point of view blogging is the best place to start and it only takes 3 steps to get started.Blogging for beginners

3 Easy Steps To Follow

  1. Set-up your blog. There are tons of blogging platforms for you to choose from out there. Choose one and get it set-up. Most of them are very easy to set up, no harder than creating a Facebook account. 
  2. Set-up monetization. You need to set-up a way how you are going to monetize the traffic. It can be ad widgets like Google AdSense, Infolinks or others. Or you can monetize your blog by building a list so, you would need to set-up opt-in forms on your blog.
  3. Create content. Write blog posts, also promote them using social media, blogging communities etc. and you will start generating traffic. The more you write the more traffic you will get and eventually you will start making money either from the ads or from your list.

So, yes it is that easy. You set-up a blog, you monetize it and you start creating content and attracting traffic. Of course it takes time for you to generate enough traffic to make a decent income, but that’s the essence of it. 

Even though blogging is probably the easiest way to make money online, there still is a lot of challenges in each one of these 3 steps. Would you like help with them, to make money blogging even faster and easier?

Well, then join Empower Network and start your own viral blog. It makes all of the 3 steps much easier. First, it’s very easy to set-up, basically all you need to do is to register and you will have your blog up and running. All that’s left is to install your Google Analytics and maybe customize a few things here and there based on what you want.

Next, Empower Network comes with already set-up monetization process. You get a high converting funnel with all the ads already set-up on the blog pointing to it. So, no need to worry about monetization as well.

And lastly EN helps you with the last step as well. When you blog using the viral blogging system you automatically rank higher, because the blog has already some authority that it draws from the Empower Network domain and it helps you generate more traffic. Also, EN helps with optimizing your blog posts for SEO, which again leads to more traffic.

So, as you can see Empower Network helps you to make money blogging much easier and faster. Join Now!  


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