Best Blogging Platforms 2013

Best Blogging Platforms

Are you wondering which blogging platform to choose? There are so many out there that it can be overwhelming for a person to make a decision. I have tried out several blogging sites myself and it took me a little bit of time until I settled.

So, I decided to make a short review of the 7 in my opinion best blogging platforms of 2013. I talk about the pros and cons of every one of them, hope that this review will help you make a better decision when choosing where to start your blog. There’s actually a bunch of platforms that I didn’t include in the review so, this really tells that there’s a lot to choose from.

Lets begin.

Best Blogging Platforms


When I started out my online career, I started out with Blogger. I created a blog and started publishing some crappy content, rewritten articles and mostly duplicate content. Well, I didn’t knew any better back then and soon enough I got my blog shut down. Ouch.

Now, yes I was spamming, but still it was kinda harsh, no notices, no nothing. So, I didn’t really like this blogging platform, because it is very strict and who knows what might come to their mind even, if you write good content they might perceive something as spam and take it down. By using other blogging platforms you only get a Google Penalty and here you can get taken down.

Well, that’s just my experience.


top blogging platforms Just recently it got acquired by Yahoo and again I heard some stories about shut downs of Tumblr blogs, not spam blogs, but popular blogs who apparently violated some copyright laws.

Now, don’t focus on the negative. Tumblr is a very popular blogging platform, perfect for creating image based blogs in entertainment niches. Tumblr is rarely used as a main blog, but more of a supportive blog to drive more traffic to the main blog, somewhat as a social media site.


It’s a paid blogging platform, it has great authority, because it is a paid blogging platform the bloggers actually are more respected, because they are the customers of the platform and you are actually very unlikely to get shut down.

It’s a good platform for any kind of blog, but it’s not that popular out there, because you can’t start up for free.


most popular blog platformsAnother paid blogging platform. Mostly liked for blog themes, which in my opinion are best suited for creating portfolios, though you can create any type of blog and even start up your own online store.

Again not the most popular blogging platform, because there isn’t a free version.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there. There’s actually a bunch of options that you can choose from and the first one is the . It has tons of themes, very easy to use, but the version doesn’t allow to install plugins, besides that it’s very good.

WordPress Self Hosted

The other WordPress option is to use the self hosted installation by buying your own domain name and hosting. It’s for the more technical user, because it requires some technical knowledge to set it up. It’s probably the best SEO optimized blogging platform, you can also install plugins to do with your blog basically whatever you want.

But when starting a self hosted WordPress blog you wont have any authority and you will rank lower and get less traffic.

Empower Network

The third alternative to WordPress is EN. It has the basic WordPress installation with an authority domain and it is already set-up to make money online it has ads that point to your funnel from which you can make money.

So, this is the best solution if you are looking to make money blogging. Click here to join Empower Network.

So There You Have It

You might not agree with my list of best blogging platforms, but this is just my opinion. What do you think is the best platform out there and which one do you use? Tell me in the comments below.

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