Two Cent Facebook Clicks Review

Two Cent Facebook Clicks ReviewHave you tried out Facebook ads, but haven’t managed to make them work for you? You, just watched your advertising budget sink without seeing any results, just a few “likes” here and there, but not even coming close to having a positive ROI or making a single sale for that matter. You, feel that you just wasted a pile of money to just acquire some “fans” on your fanpage that don’t even interact with your posts.

Or maybe you are on the fence thinking that you should try out Facebook advertising, but you are afraid to fail like the others and just waste your hard earned money. Either way I have a solution for you – the two cent Facebook clicks training program.


The program is created by Chris Blair, Matt Stefanik and Andrew Murray. The program is an ultimate guide for Facebook advertising, it has the training needed to guide a newbie who just registered to Facebook to start creating profitable ads and it has training for the seasoned marketer who is looking to drop the cost of his ads, make them even more targeted and of course more profitable.

In the two cent Facebook clicks course you will learn:

  • How to set up your own highly engaging fanpage
  • How to create tabs that just force your targeted customers to opt-in
  • How to write killer Facebook ads that just can’t be unseen (with this method you want to have as many people clicking, you will find out why)
  • How to target only the right people for your ads that are already interested in what you have to offer, they just haven’t yet seen your offer
  • How to make affiliate sales to make quick money that you could spend for building your business
  • And more…

$0.02 Cent Facebook Clicks Video Review

In this video I overview the members area, what is inside, what you will learn and also I show you my results that I got using these strategies.

The Training

The training consists of 3 main webinars. The first one is by Chris Blair where he teaches his advertising method to getting these insane cheap clicks and laser targeted traffic, which is perfect for building up an engaging audience on a fanpage fast and also to build a list of highly targeted and active subscribers.

The next webinar is by Matt Stefanik where he introduces a different approach to Facebook advertising. He doesn’t aim to getting these cheap clicks, but he aims into making sales, by getting the right target audience to see his ad for the product he promotes. This method is perfect for creating ads that sell affiliate products, you can make money fast with it. Perfect for growing your advertising budget.

The last webinar by Andrew Murray doesn’t really introduce a new method, but goes more in depth how to find a laser targeted audience to target for your ads. How to choose the right images for your ads and how to create them and other ways for making your ads even more targeted.


There are two upsells to this product:

Facebook advertising group. It’s a mastermind group of the members of the product that will help you out, if something is unclear and you will also learn all the new stuff that’s working at the moment with Facebook advertising.

The second upsell is a training webinar which goes in depth how to write killer advertising copy.

My Results

I haven’t yet created a lot of ads, because of lack of time, but I already found out that the methods work. I managed to get a $0.01 ad clicks for one of my ads. Now, the ad isn’t running for a long time yet, but it is a start. You can see the stats of my two ads that I run using the strategies that I learn in the product.

facebook ad stats

So, if you want to learn how to set up killer Facebook ads that get you the desired results that you want either cheap targeted leads and fans or affiliate sales. Then buy the Two Cent Facebook Ad training course now!


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