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Facebook Power Editor

Not that long ago I found out about Facebook Power Editor and wanted to share my findings with you. What it is, it’s a standalone app that works only on Google Chrome so, if you aren’t using Google Chrome this will probably be the reason why you are going to install it, if you are serious about advertising on Facebook, because this app gives you the advertising tools that you wont get, if you use only the main ad manager that you can find on Facebook.

I’m not quite sure why Facebook decided to release this app, my guess is that they are using a similar approach to Google like they do with their new function releases, when they release them only to small groups of people and test out on a small scale.

Anyways, if you don’t want to get beaten by your competition when advertising on Facebook then you need to get this app. In the video I show you how to install Facebook Power Editor, how to use it and I overview all the functions of it and go in depth when it comes to creating custom audiences.


Custom Audiences Available Only In The Facebook Power Editor

RFK Solutions Ltd says, “It’s worth installing Facebook Power Editor for the custom audiences alone.” Custom audiences works like this. You gather a list of people that you want to target, you need to have their emails, UIDs (Facebook profile IDs) or phone numbers. You upload that list using the power editor and when creating a Facebook ad you get the option to target only these people in your custom audience.

Some example of use to get your brain spinning. If you are building an email list you may want for some reason or another to advertise to them on Facebook. All you need is to go to your Autoresponder and extract the email addresses and save them in a CSV file on your computer then upload that file as a custom audience and here you go you can start running Facebook ads to your email list. Note: only the people who have Facebook accounts associated with the emails will be added. So, this can be good to build your fan base on Facebook or effectively re-engage your email leads that stopped responding.

Another example would be to gather UIDs there are a bunch of software products released to do this. You can gather UIDs from Facebook groups and pages. Also, you can do it manually, but that would be a huge hassle. So, by creating a list of UIDs from a page or group you are creating a super targeted audience.

As I said for this function alone you want to install the editor.

Conversion Tracking On Facebook Power Editor

Another super useful function that you get on the Facebook Power Editor is conversion tracking. This is an advanced function and might not be necessary for the average marketer, but it can be very useful in some situations.

For example you are promoting a high ticket product on Facebook and you are paying top dollar for every click, obviously when someone buys you want to stop promoting to him to save money and conversion tracking allows you to do just that, to stop advertising to the person that converted. The conversions don’t necessarily need to be sales, you can also track opt-ins, clicks etc.

Very useful tool for the advanced marketers.

So, this is a short review of the Facebook power editor. I hope I made the benefits clear of installing it. If you would like to learn more about Facebook advertising, how to build laser targeted email lists, how to build an active audience on your fanpage, how to make affiliate sales using Facebook advertising and more then CLICK HERE!

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