How To Monitor Website Downtime

Monitor Website Downtime

Monitor Website Downtime

Why it is important to monitor your website’s downtime? Well, if you aren’t monitoring you can’t really know, if you have a problem or not. Long downtime can cause two very serious problems to your website:

Lower Search Engine Rankings

If your website is constantly down your search engine rankings can suffer. Google and other search engines will place your website lower in the results and you will receive less traffic.

Now, for your rankings to drop your website needs to be down for sometime, it doesn’t happen after a few minutes of downtime, but you should be aware of this possible consequence.

Lower Business Reputation

Website downtime also lowers the business reputation. If visitors go to your site and can’t load it after sometime they will stop coming back and your business reputation drops as well as traffic.

You definitely don’t want to waste a single visit, website traffic doesn’t come easily.

So, monitoring website downtime is very important to check, if your website has a problem or not.

Now, to monitor your website downtime I recommend a free tool:

I show how to set it up in the video below. Sorry, for being so “robotic” I got kinda pissed after trying to record it for like 15th time, had some issues with my computer.

Now, after monitoring your website for a few days you should generate some stats about your up-time and response time. Response time is basically the loading speed of your website and up-time is a number that shows the percentage of time that the website is up and running without problems compared with the downtime.

Basically, if your up-time is lower than 98% then you might want to consider changing your hosting, your numbers can be really low, if you are using a free hosting account. Also, if you see that you are getting frequent downtime on your website even, if it’s for a very short period, that’s still an indicator that you might need to change your host.

Ideally you want your website running 24/7 without any problems, but it’s just not realistic no matter what hosting account you have, but 99% up-time I consider good.

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