Keyword PlannerSo, yesterday as usual I typed in the words “google keyword tool” into a Google search and clicked on the first result and got redirected to a page that says Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool.

Now, this wasn’t a surprise for me, because I already knew that they are planning to shut down the old keyword tool, but I kept forgetting the date when it had to happen and the day came.

But if you weren’t using the keyword tool as often then it might be a surprise for you.

You Have 3 Choices

So, what you should do now? Well, you actually have a lot of options. The first one would be to do a Google search for “keyword tools” and find yourself a new tool for keyword analysis. There are tons of tools that you can choose from both paid and free. I’m actually not an SEO guru and I was always using the Google Keywords Tool so, I don’t really have nothing to recommend.

The second option would be to get mad on the world and stop using keyword tools altogether. This works perfectly fine, if you are crazy.

The last, third option that I have for you is to use the new Google’s tool – Keyword Planner.

What Has Changed

keyword toolsNot a whole lot has changed when you compare the old tool with the new one. Probably the biggest change that I noticed is the “feel” and “flow” of the new tool, but I think you can get used to it in a couple of weeks.

Now, if it’s really important for you to know what changed then again try searching for the Google keywords tool and on the page where it used to be you will find a complete list of changes.

Some of the most important ones are that you can’t anymore include or exclude the devices. You are getting the traffic numbers from all devices combined.

You can’t see the match type data for search volume. Broad, phrase and exact will show the same numbers.

Local and global monthly searches were combined into average monthly searches and other minor changes have been made.

So, to start using the Keyword Planner from now you mus have an AdWords account, it’s free to set-up. Once you are logged in you will find the keyword planner under Tools & Analysis.

Say bye bye to the old Keywords Tool and say hello to the Keyword Planner. If you want to receive daily internet marketing tips then sing up to my newsletter CLICK HERE!


4 Responses to Keyword Planner Replaced The Old Google AdWords Keyword Tool

  1. Silviu says:

    Hi Liudas,

    Great work here. I mean your blog. 160 articles, an excellent frequency (sometimes 1 post per day, sometimes 2-3 posts per day, very good English language (in writing) and nice fluency in speaking. You have courage, energy and experience.

    The posts are moderate in length and the videos fairly short.
    The fact that your Alexa rank is now about 320K is good but not enough. You ought to be higher.

    Here is what I can tell you after browsing your whole blog.
    It seems that the engagement factor is low. You have few comments. Also, how many backlinks have you created? How many inbound links and how many trackbacks?

    These must be the reasons why your site is not where it should be, yet. Guest posting is very good and it will help you enormously but you must go and comment more on other people’s blogs.

    However, what you did here is wonderful. It shows hard work, dedication and passion. Keep going, you are on the right path.
    There is no doubt in my mind that you will succeed, you will be rich and free. You have all the qualities needed. Don’t give up. Success might be closer than you think.

    I really appreciate your site and I will come here more and more to read your posts and watch your videos.

    To your success

    Silviu recently posted…Alexa Traffic Rank. What is your rank?My Profile

    • Liudas says:

      Hi Silviu,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment.

      Yes, engagement is pretty low and just writing content isn’t the best way.

      Just recently I started to do more blog comments and also wrote a few guest posts. Will focus on them more to build up some authority for my blog and will likely post less blog posts on my blog.

      Hope it will help :).

  2. Matt says:

    I’m mostly sad about Google removing the ‘exact’ searches. I found theme to be much more accurate than the broad searches.
    Matt recently posted…Bluehost Coupon CodesMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Yeah well when you are ranking pages you firstly rank for the exact match keyword which receives less traffic, but overtime you start ranking for other broad phrases and you start receiving more traffic.

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