Summer Traffic Report 2013

Summer Traffic Report

by ~BL4CKOUTphotography

Summer has ended and the last year of school has started for me. I was busy working on my business the whole summer writing blog posts and shooting videos. Also, spent a lot of time educating myself on various marketing topics and did a ton of other stuff to build my business.

So, a lot was done and I think it would be very “healthy” to reflect on the results.

I started focusing mainly on my blog on May 29th, just 3 days before summer started and as the end date of the reflection I will choose September 2nd though I haven’t done a lot of work in the last couple days.

In this period of a bit more than 3 months I wrote 127 blog posts that’s an average of a bit less than 1 and a half blog post per day though at the beginning of the summer I started out by writing 4-5 blog posts a day, then my batteries died off a bit and I kept writing 2 blog posts a day and at the end of summer I was writing only 1 per day.

In the same period I shot 133 videos. I was shooting a video for every blog post, but there were some videos for which I didn’t write blog posts and vice versa, but in the end I shot more videos than wrote blog posts.

I also managed to write two guest posts.

Traffic Results

Here’s a graph of my blog’s daily traffic, as you can see the traffic was very low before May 28th, but just when I started publishing new content and promoting it on social media and other channels the traffic immediately spiked and pretty much got stuck at that level.

traffic generation

Graph #2 shows the weekly overall traffic. As you can see the traffic drops a bit to the end of summer, because I was creating less content and less content means that I wasn’t sharing that much on social media so, I got less traffic.

traffic generation blogging

Graph #2

Now lets dive into some specific numbers. In this period I generated a total of 5906 visits that’s an average of 60 visits per day.

Graph #3 shows weekly search engine traffic. It took some time for it to spike, but it also is a bit lower when I started publishing less. Probably the freshness factor kick in here. Search engines in total sent 2229 visits that’s an average of 23 visits per day.

get traffic blogging

Graph #3

Here’s a graph of the weekly YouTube video views, the last month I bought a lot of paid advertising that’s why it is very high. By approximately excluding the promotions I was left with 3264 total views, that’s an average of 34 views per day.

video marketing

The last graph is AWeber monthly subscribers. In this period I added a total of 31 subscribers. July was the best month.

email marketing

So, that’s it for the results. You are probably thinking where are the sales results, but there’s actually nothing to show for now.

The Takeaway And Future Plans

Actually, I was expecting much bigger results, but it is what it is. I realized that just creating content is not enough a very huge part of your success comes from your promotion strategy.

SEO is still very important you need to do proper keyword research for your content, if you want to get traffic and you also need to build links to raise your blog’s authority in the eyes of search engines so, your pages would rank higher, but when it comes to SEO you can’t be sure that the stuff that you are doing now will work tomorrow so, I hate doing it that is why I always contact Brisbane SEO to do it for me.

Quality over quantity. I would guess that one 1000 word post is better than five or more 300 word posts. They rank higher and drive more traffic.

Video is almost the opposite. I enjoy doing video SEO, because it’s much easier and because you are on YouTube you can’t really get penalized, at least this didn’t happen yet. With videos I see a steady traffic growth and with blog posts the traffic seems like it has hit the ceiling or something. Also shorter videos rank higher and all in all videos are much easier to rank.

So, I’m going to change the strategy of building my business. From now on I’m going to be focusing on creating videos (ironically I haven’t created a video for this post) and I will write blog posts only once in a while.

Creating videos are much faster, they rank much higher, generate more traffic, which is even higher quality and there’s much less competition.

So, that’s my plan for the upcoming months. I will probably start doing these reports monthly or every two months from now on.

And how was summer for your business, leave your comments below?

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