YouTube Account Shutdown

YouTube Account Shutdown Life is full of surprises, just recently I published my summer traffic report where I overviewed my results and I also shared my plans for the future. I mentioned that I’m going to focus more on creating videos and bam the next day my YouTube account got terminated.

Not suspended for a period of time, but terminated, shutdown, FOREVER! And there’s no way to get my account back and I also managed to get a warning on my Google AdWords account, because I was promoting some of my videos and when the account got shutdown and all the videos deleted it meant that I was promoting broken links…

You can just imagine how pissed I was.

But you can’t do nothing about it. Google is just too big to care about little guys like me. So, it’s best to just forget it. I actually wanted to write a hate post about YouTube, but I realized that it isn’t going to do any good. Got a good night sleep and looked at this with a fresh new look.

Why My YouTube Account Got Terminated?

Anyways, why did I got terminated? Well, YouTube has a 3 strike system. 3 strikes and you are out. I already had two from the old days when the competitors of Empower Network started flagging any video about it so, I only needed one last strike which I got from a very old video that was really crappy and probably was in violation of the TOS. It was made as a marketing strategy test and it had quite a few views.

Actually I thought that those two previous strikes were already expired, but sadly they weren’t and all my hard work put into creating videos disappeared in a matter of minutes.

The Big Lesson For The Future

What I would have done differently, if I knew this is going to happen? I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to build my YouTube channel, on which I only started concentrating this summer, on an account that already had 2 strikes.

So, let my experience be a good warning for you. If you have a strike on your YouTube account then it’s best to just start a new one, because you definitely don’t want to risk your business.

Also, if you are doing some marketing tests like I sometimes like to do then again create a new account and test it there. Don’t risk your main accounts.

My Casualties

Now, I did lose a lot of work that I put in, but I still have all the videos that I have created and I will probably re-upload some of them to a new channel that I’m going to start, hopefully I wont get flagged anymore and soon enough I will be able to regain the traffic that I was getting from YouTube. I wasn’t actually getting too much traffic and optins from YouTube and now with all the experience that I gained through summer it should take a lot less time to get up and running again.

So, the plan to concentrate on video marketing stays.

The Takeaways From A terminated YouTube Account:

  • Never give up! It can be tough sometimes, but just stop for a minute rethink your strategy and keep going again.
  • Don’t have all your eggs in one basket. I probably wouldn’t be so calm, if I was building only a YouTube channel, but now I still have my blogs, my small email list and my social media accounts.
  • Don’t build on rented land. You want to own your assets either it’s an email list or a blog. Use the other mediums to build your assets.

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