YouTube Account Shutdown Life is full of surprises, just recently I published my summer traffic report where I overviewed my results and I also shared my plans for the future. I mentioned that I’m going to focus more on creating videos and bam the next day my YouTube account got terminated.

Not suspended for a period of time, but terminated, shutdown, FOREVER! And there’s no way to get my account back and I also managed to get a warning on my Google AdWords account, because I was promoting some of my videos and when the account got shutdown and all the videos deleted it meant that I was promoting broken links…

You can just imagine how pissed I was.

But you can’t do nothing about it. Google is just too big to care about little guys like me. So, it’s best to just forget it. I actually wanted to write a hate post about YouTube, but I realized that it isn’t going to do any good. Got a good night sleep and looked at this with a fresh new look.

Why My YouTube Account Got Terminated?

Anyways, why did I got terminated? Well, YouTube has a 3 strike system. 3 strikes and you are out. I already had two from the old days when the competitors of Empower Network started flagging any video about it so, I only needed one last strike which I got from a very old video that was really crappy and probably was in violation of the TOS. It was made as a marketing strategy test and it had quite a few views.

Actually I thought that those two previous strikes were already expired, but sadly they weren’t and all my hard work put into creating videos disappeared in a matter of minutes.

The Big Lesson For The Future

What I would have done differently, if I knew this is going to happen? I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to build my YouTube channel, on which I only started concentrating this summer, on an account that already had 2 strikes.

So, let my experience be a good warning for you. If you have a strike on your YouTube account then it’s best to just start a new one, because you definitely don’t want to risk your business.

Also, if you are doing some marketing tests like I sometimes like to do then again create a new account and test it there. Don’t risk your main accounts.

My Casualties

Now, I did lose a lot of work that I put in, but I still have all the videos that I have created and I will probably re-upload some of them to a new channel that I’m going to start, hopefully I wont get flagged anymore and soon enough I will be able to regain the traffic that I was getting from YouTube. I wasn’t actually getting too much traffic and optins from YouTube and now with all the experience that I gained through summer it should take a lot less time to get up and running again.

So, the plan to concentrate on video marketing stays.

The Takeaways From A terminated YouTube Account:

  • Never give up! It can be tough sometimes, but just stop for a minute rethink your strategy and keep going again.
  • Don’t have all your eggs in one basket. I probably wouldn’t be so calm, if I was building only a YouTube channel, but now I still have my blogs, my small email list and my social media accounts.
  • Don’t build on rented land. You want to own your assets either it’s an email list or a blog. Use the other mediums to build your assets.

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16 Responses to YouTube Account Shutdown

  1. Qasim says:

    Sorry to hear that you have lost your hard work on Youtube, sharing this would surely help others not to get into the same situation, Thanks for sharing and hopefully you will be back soon with a lot of views.
    Qasim recently posted…Tips on How to Get Higher Social Media Views – Effectively Use Time Targeted PostsMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      I hope to get my channel at the same level in two months or less and because I have all the deleted videos on my computer I might re-upload some of them.

  2. You are much more mature than I am! When crap like that happens to me, I throw a tantrum and write a hate post. Your way is much more productive and useful for the future. Way to get past the catastrophe and move on!
    Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz) recently posted…Three-Day Novel Contest {#3DNC} + Insecure Writers Support Group {#IWSG}My Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Studying self-improvement really helps in situations like that. Yeah, you do get pissed, but you can still think much more clearly.

  3. Ileane says:

    Wow, I had no idea about this 3 strike rule. Sorry to hear about this.

    I have all of my videos uploaded to Meta Cafe, Daily Motion and Vimeo. You might want to do the same using OneLoad the next time you start a channel.

    Wishing you all the best with a fresh start.
    Ileane recently posted…Using Facebook and Tracking Your Social ProofMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Yeah I’m using OneLoad, but to build backlinks to YouTube videos, because basically only the videos on YouTube generate views.

      Thank you :)

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  6. Maria says:

    Sorry about your loss. Check out the other video companies. I have always used Viddler because it has always allowed longer videos. I post my webinars there.

    It’s just been this week actually, that I opened an FB video account.

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Haven’t heard about Viddler though I will probably stick with my new YouTube account and try not to get banned again, because I’m going after traffic and not just hosting my videos and there isn’t a better place for video traffic than YouTube.

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  9. Silviu says:

    Hi Liudas,

    WOW! You were hit hard. Not because of the traffic but psychological.
    It is not exactly clear why you were hit. If it is something with Empower Network, well .. I heard some bad things about them.
    I don’t think it is just a killer marketing strategy: flag your competitors to get their sites, blogs, channels etc. banned.
    If this works, then it would be extremely easy to kill any competitor and finally nobody would live in the blogosphere.

    It is probably a violation of their TOS. It would be interesting and useful to know what were the terms that triggered that decision.
    Also, it would be interesting to know if you can host your videos somewhere on your hosting account but without affecting the loading speed of your blog.

    Don’t give up. Just be more careful and it will be better.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…How to Upload a Powerpoint Presentation to SlideshareMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:


      I had two strikes, because of videos where I was talking about Empower Network. I think some schmucks were flagging all videos about EN at that time, a lot of marketers were hit then.
      And the last third strike i got for a video which could be categorized as spam.

      Hosting videos on your own hosting shouldn’t really slow down your blog, though you would need a fast hosting account for the videos to load quickly.

      Not even thinking about giving up :D
      Thanks for the comment.

  10. Lance White says:

    Hey Liudas,

    I had heard of account banning before… Very frustrating! It does make me worry too as I have also invested quite a bit of time into videos for our business. Google just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Thank goodness there are alternatives at least. But still I suppose the biggest traffic potential is with Google / YouTube. So they have the lolly at the moment.

    It does give great ‘war stories’ to tell at least that’s one positive ;) It definitely caught my eye.


    Lance White recently posted…It Can Be Deadly To Play Options Trades Close To ExpiryMy Profile

    • Liudas Butkus says:

      Hi Lance,

      Yeah it sucks to get banned, but what can you do about it… You just learn the lessons and keep going.

      Yes, Google and YouTube are the top guys and it’s where you want to be, but they aren’t making that easy for us marketers :D

      Thanks for the comment.

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