6 Easy Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

Get Facebook FansAfter Facebook released the new timeline design a lot of techniques for generating fans disappeared or just became ineffective. Believe me or not, but before the timeline was released you could generate fans by using techniques to drive traffic from Facebook for free, but those days are long gone.

Now, it’s very hard and nearly impossible to piggyback on the traffic that other fanpages are getting. You could try by using Facebook as your fanpage and leaving comments on related fanpages, but this would be more of a time waste than a technique for generating traffic.

So, enough about the past, lets dive into the strategies that work now and that you can use to get fans for your Facebook fanpage.

Basically, I would put the methods in two categories Facebook advertising and everything else.

1. Facebook Advertising

It’s probably no secret that Facebook’s main goal is to get you to buy advertising. That’s how they make money and can keep their business running and frankly it’s the best and fastest way how you can get fans for your fanpage.

If you know what you are doing you can get fans for 5 to 10 cents and even cheaper, but if you don’t you can just blow your advertising budget there and see no results.

A few pointers when advertising on Facebook:

  • Laser target the people you want to advertise to. Go as narrow as you can.
  • Experiment with the bidding options. It’s best to manually bid for clicks or impressions because when choosing the “optimize to get the most clicks” option Facebook just goes crazy to spend your budget as fast as possible.

2. Like Box

If you have a blog or a website, you can use the Facebook widget to generate likes for your fanpage. It looks like this:

Of course to get fans you need to have traffic on your blog. So, as I said there is Facebook advertising and then there’s everything else for which you need to work your butt off to get a fan.

3. Embedded Posts

A pretty new function is embedded posts. You can use it to embed the Facebook posts from your fanpage on your blog to get likes.

Find a post you want to embed, click the small arrow in the corner, choose embed post from the drop-down menu and a window will appear with the code that you can paste in wherever you want to show a Facebook post.

An example how it looks like:

Skelbti by Easy Marketing.

Again the effectiveness of this strategy depends on how much traffic the site where you embed the post receives.

4. Drive Direct Traffic

If you are marketing for some time then you probably know a technique or two how to drive traffic. So, if you want to build your fanpage then use your whole marketing arsenal. Do article marketing, video marketing, blogging etc.

5. Hold A Contest

When you already have a decent audience on you Facebook fanpage you can hold a contest to give a boost to your Facebook fanpage, but before you start one you need to know what you can and can’t do when holding a contest on Facebook. Here’s an article on SocialMediaExaminer that you should read to learn more about Facebook contests.

What Not To Do

facebook donts for business When growing a Facebook fanpage it is equally important to know how to get fans and to know how not to get fans, because getting fans the wrong way can kill your fanpage. I talk about that in depth in my previous article How To Kill Your Fanpage, but to quickly recap what I wrote there, is that you shouldn’t fall for buying fans from sites like Fiverr or sites where you can get credits for liking other pages and spend those credits to get likes for your page.

All these sites will get you crappy fans that will not engage with your content and your edge rank will drop because of that. So, even if you have true fans on your fanpage they won’t see your content, because you have a very low edge rank and your posts will not appear in the feeds of your fans.

It’s better to have 50 true real fans than 5000 fans that you bought on Fiverr, you will get pretty much the same engagement with both, probably those 50 fans would even win. If you are itching to buy fans on Fiverr, don’t! Better spend those $5 on Facebook advertising. It will be much more beneficial.

Facebook Advertising Best Practices

Facebook Advertising Best PracticesLet’s back up a bit and get clear about one thing. Why are you building a fan page in the first place? Well, of course you want to make money out of it somehow, but monetizing social media is probably the hardest thing ever so, you should be clear how you are going to do that right from the beginning.

Now, for most businesses building a list is the way to go and you can build one by setting up a squeeze page as a tab on your fanpage I teach you how you can do that for free in my blog post: Set Up A Squeeze Page On Facebook 

Once you have it set up you can then start promoting your tab. When buying Facebook advertising you almost always want to direct the traffic to the tab with the squeeze page, this won’t get as much fans, but you will be generating a lot more leads which is ultimately what you want.

facebook sales funnel infographic

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