Do Weekly News Roundups Suck?

Do Weekly News Roundups Suck? I decided to start sharing what I read through the week and also what I watch and listen. It seems to be very popular to do that in the blogosphere. Will, see how it goes.

Knowledge Of Mark Hoverson

Mark Hoverson rarely does free webinars, but when he does they are jam packed with marketing knowledge. In this webinar Mark talks about negotiation, wordsmithing, executive communication and other topics. It’s always refreshing to listen to what he has to say. A must watch.

How Your Email Follow Up Should Look Like 

Mindvalley has started sharing a lot of great resources for marketers. This one is a video that gives a lot of ideas how to build effective follow ups. How to get 40% open rates and 25% click through rates. How to build those relationships with your email list subscribers and how to make sales. Now, the strategies mentioned there are more applicable to a well established business, but a lot of the stuff can be applied, if you are just getting started.

You Are on Social Media For A Reason 

selling on social media You are building your Facebook fanpage to become popular, right? Probably no. You start building your social media channels to make money out of them someday and Social Media Examiner did this great podcast: Selling With Social Media. Definitely listen to it.

Content Marketing Test 

A really great post on Copyblogger. A 10 question test about content marketing. Go there and try to answer it. The answers will be published next week so, you could know how well you have done.

Nivea Reinvents the Print Ad  

Great article by HubSpot which talks about how Nivea did a real good job with offline marketing. It’s really creative you wish there would be more good advertising like this.

Write About What’s In Demand  

A great post that I found on GrowMap. You have probably heard the advice to write about what you know, but what if what you know isn’t in demand? If you are concerned to make money out of your writing and you aren’t writing just as a hobby then you might want to do a little bit of research what is in demand and start learning about that and writing about.

One Million Pageviews   

A brilliant piece that I found on Medium. It talks about some concepts of good copywriting, more specifically about writing killer headlines. A very fun piece to read.

The Lesser Known Side Of Google   

Google_Periodic_Table1[1]Believe me or not, but there’s more to Google than just Gmail, AdWords and AdSense. Google has a variety of products and some of them aren’t that well known, but they are very useful. In this article you can learn about some really great marketing products by Google that aren’t very well known, but are very powerful.

Pinterest Traffic Strategy  

This blog post by Michelle MacPhearson made me rethink my whole social media strategy not just for Pinterest. I started curating all the internet marketing news across all my social media accounts, mostly on Pinterest and Nothing to brag about yet, but the following seems to be growing and still at least I know have a plan for my social media activities. Hope this strategy will bring great returns in the future.

Swayy vs 

A fight between two curation platforms on CrazyEgg. Actually, I only found out about Swayy, because of this article and didn’t really had the time yet to try it out. The article tries to figure out which one is the best.

crowdsourcing, CrowdSourcing, CROWDSOURCING!!!

Another one from CrazyEgg. I have heard the term crowdsourcing many times, but didn’t really took the time to figure out what it means and this article just caught my attention and I finally learnt what this concept means and I immediately recognized its potential and started looking for ways how to use it in my business.

I actually tried to do crowdsourcing without even knowing that I was doing it. For example, my Got Questions? page. I will try focus on this concept more from now on.

Ninja Google Alerts  

And the last, but not least a guide from Search Engine Journal, how to use Google Alerts to its full potential. You probably have heard about Google Alerts and you know how it works and stuff, but you probably haven’t even thought about all the ways you could use this tool for your business that are mentioned in this guide.

So, this is it for what I read and watched this week. I actually really enjoyed writing this and it’s a good thing to remember all the great ideas that I learnt this week.

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