Weekly Content Appreciation

Weekly Content Appreciation Crazy busy days have started, the last year in school though and I don’t have the time to write anything new throughout the week. Weekends seem to be the only days that I can truly spend on building my business. Still, I hope weeks like this wont become the norm and I will find more time and most importantly energy to write more blog posts and create more content.

So, the last week I did my first weekly news roundup, I really liked writing it and it generated a little bit of traffic so, I really think I will commit to doing these every week.

Guru Product Launch Formula 

Planning on doing a product launch? Then these two videos my Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime are must watch. In the videos they reveal the mind map of launching a product that they used recently for launching video genesis which was a huge hit in the internet marketing industry. So, learn from the real gurus about product launches here.

These are two videos of about an hour:

Part 1: http://marketinggenesis.com/perfect-storm-launch/

Part 2: http://marketinggenesis.com/perfect-storm-launch-part-2/

And one more video from Andy and Mike where they go through the business model of television how it have evolved and how it ties with internet marketing practices:


Do You Really Want To Build A Business?

positive mindset for building a business Your mindset is the key to success, just knowing the how to isn’t enough. So, this is why I want to share this video by Ray Higdon where he talks about where you mentally need to be at to achieve success and how to interpreter the self talk that you do. Really inspiring you should listen to it daily for motivation to build your business.

Promoting Your Blog 

A fine piece that I read on ProBlogger about ways how you can promote your blog. It’s crucial to promote your blog, because just creating content is not enough you also want to promote so, a bigger audience would see it and consume it. Better create less content and promote it more, than just keep creating without promoting.

If You Are Doing This You Might Be In Big Trouble 

I just said that promoting your blog is very important, but what’s even more important is to know how NOT to do it, because if you promote your blog the wrong way you can get it in trouble and you definitely don’t want that so, read this article to learn about the newest Google changes. If you think that all your promotion strategies are safe then I want to ask are you doing guest posts? If you are then this specific article is just for you http://kaiserthesage.com/guest-blogging-penalty/ which goes even more in depth about why you should be more careful when guest blogging.

Engage Your Fans On Facebook  

How to increase engagement on facebook Last week I wrote a blog post how to get fans for your fanpage, but just having fans is not enough you need to engage them, if you want to convert them into customers or at least into brand evangelists that help spread out the word about your content. In this article by social media examiner you will learn just that.

Critical Email Marketing Mistakes   

Email marketing can be so, powerful, if done the right way, but it’s not that easy to master it, there are so many things that you can get wrong and most marketers do. In this article by Unbounce you will learn 5 things that you should apply in email marketing that most people do wrong.

How To Use Twitter Cards  

twitter CardsYou have probably noticed the twitter cards like summary under tweets in your feed and you might be wondering why they aren’t showing under your tweets. Well, to show these twitter cards you actually need to do some changes on your site, if you are using WordPress then there is a very simple solution. Read more about it in this article.

Why Answering Comments Is Important And How To Do It Properly

If you are blogging for some time then you have started receiving comments. Answering comments is very important for building an audience on your blog, but just answering is not enough you need to be answering them in a proper way read more about it in the article.

Your Customer Love AdBlocker 

This one was a very interesting read. There’s an increasing number of AdBlocker users (I recently saw my brother to start using it) as a marketer you might already have started to panic, because if your ads aren’t seen then how can you advertise? Well, this article doesn’t recommend you to panic, but gives you a marketing plan that you should follow.

So, this is for this weeks content that I appreciate. Lots of things to learn. Hope you will apply at least one concept from these to your business.

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