Hostgator vs JustHost Uptime And Response Time

Hostgator vs JustHost Uptime And Response TimeNot that long ago I started using a tool called Pingdom to track the downtime and response time of my websites. I’m tracking my two blogs which is hosted on JustHost and which is hosted on Hostgator. There’s already enough data to compare them, which hosting is doing better.


One of the main criteria for a good hosting is rare downtimes or a good uptime.

Here’s the data of my two blogs. (JustHost)

just host (Hostgator)

hostgator downtime


So, as you can see Hostgator wins this test. The downtimes happen less frequently and when they happen they are much shorter. The difference of uptime is 0.22% or 1h 36 minutes. Now, this isn’t a huge difference and because my blogs aren’t receiving gazillions of visitors every day my loss isn’t huge anyways. I would estimate that per month, because of donwtime lost 2 visitors and probably lost 1 visitor. The contrast would be bigger, if would receive more traffic.

Response Time

The next criteria for a good hosting account is speed. Now, website speed isn’t determined by just the hosting account. Of course the design of the website influences the loading speed a lot and all the coding that’s on the site. So, you can’t determine the hosting speed by just looking at the response time.

So, we will need to analyze the data. (JustHost)

just host respons time (Hostgator)

hostgator response time


Now, lets try to analyze the data so, we could compare it accurately. So, lets take the fastest average as the optimum speed that the hosting can run and the slowest average is the biggest hiccup that happened and the time difference between them should be a comparable metric. So, for JustHost it’s 3,466-2,420= 1,046 ms and for Hostgator it’s 1,310-0,745= 0,565 ms. So, by this metric Hostgator is around two times faster.

Still, I think to be fair we should use the difference in percentages, because it might take a slower hosting to load an even slower design exponentially longer. So, the difference in percentages between the fastest loading speed and slowest for JustHost is 43% and for Hostgator it’s 75%. JustHost wins here. Now, it’s hard to tell how reliable are these numbers. To do a reliable test we should host the same website on both hosts and monitor the response time.


This is the main thing that we look at when we choose a hosting account. So, for JustHost I’m paying $14,5/month and for Hostgator $11/month. So, the winner is Hostgator. And I would call it the absolute winner in this comparison. If you are thinking what hosting account to choose then go for Hostgator.

What hosting account are you using? What’s your experience with it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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